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User Info: KutanMoogle

9 years ago#1
It seems like this is something that doesn't yet have an exact science to be applied to it, and I'm curious to hear if you've had any success and what methods you used. It seems safe to assume making your villagers unhappy by harassing them would give them a reason to leave, but I have had no such luck.

There's a few methods to make your villagers angry or gloomy:
1) Pull out the net, and swing the wiimote at them three times.
2) Push them around by running into them until they initiate dialog.
3) Push them into pitfalls.

Other than answering negatively to dialog options (and villagers do like it when you talk to them), these seem to be the only safe methods. Yet, as much of a jerk as I am to a villager (over a course of days, even), it seems they're pretty glued in place.

Thus, this topic is to post any findings or concrete methods of coaxing villagers to leave your town. There is currently no other topic on the boards with a foolproof solution to having a horrible villager stuck in your town, so hopefully we can find one here.
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User Info: dreadchao

9 years ago#2
I too am interested in this, I have a few neighbors who I wouldn't mind making leave.
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User Info: Amphibifudd

9 years ago#3
This is just a hypothesis... Perhaps the villagers move out after you visit other towns in the same way they did on the GCN game.

Anyone out there have evidence of this?
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User Info: NintendoDad

9 years ago#4
I don't think there is a "foolproof solution". The villagers seem to stay or leave whenever they want to...and even asking them to stay, has no effect...much less, asking them to leave.
"Animal Crossing -- It's not just a's a vacation." -- ND

User Info: KutanMoogle

9 years ago#5
It seems odd that they would just take that control away from the player. AC:WW had an elaborate and well-documented relationship system, and I find it hard to believe that they would undo all of that and leave it up to chance.

I'm sure someone's had a success they can share.
"Kutan scares me." -Reynard Fox
"Hooray for your unhealthy obsession with underage furries!" -Vib Rib

User Info: Marumekomu

9 years ago#6
One of my villagers (Roscoe) did the "Oh hey!" thing as I ran past him, so I talked to him and he said he might move out of my town soon and wander.

The possible answers were essentially "No, stay!" and "So long...".

I picked "No, stay!" (he's got furniture I'm trying to get) and he said he'd stay for sure then.

The dialogue made it seem like he was seriously moving and not some OH HA FOOLED YOU stupid crap.

User Info: JombieJthm

9 years ago#7
Get a friend to come over and be friendly, that slightly helps
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User Info: KutanMoogle

9 years ago#8
Ah hah. The fact that there's a "moving out" dialog might have a significant part here. Maybe unhappy villagers won't leave unless prompted. I've been deliberately avoiding making small talk with the villagers I want to leave.

Also, I haven't been online at all, so maybe visiting some towns or having visitors would help mix up the population a bit.

I'll play around with this more in the morning.
"Kutan scares me." -Reynard Fox
"Hooray for your unhealthy obsession with underage furries!" -Vib Rib

User Info: melodyrainbow

9 years ago#9
I've let three villagers move so far. Your experience may differ, but here's mine: the first people to discuss moving away were the animals who were there from day one. After I let Vesta & Willow leave, Melba & Mitzi moved in. The moving discussion seemed to move in some kind of order, hitting each animal until it landed on Melba. I told her to stay, & the next person to say they were leaving was Mitzi, & I let her go.
Mitzi was new & I didn't pay much attention to her, plus she happened to be "next in line" since I'd gone through the other villagers & told them to stay already.... some of my other animals get a lot of attention, & even they were pondering moving at one point... they were just easier to persuade out of it than Vesta, who seemed a little more sure that she wanted to go.
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User Info: Ritter8point0

9 years ago#10
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