Region-Exclusive Item List (Updated, Now Featuring Dates!)

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User Info: lazybones18

8 years ago#51
uhh...does this look like a topic asking for items?

Go make your own topic
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User Info: Shinuko

8 years ago#52
Hello =)
I am realy unhappy...I am from Austira (so i speak german and my english is bad) and i search for Japanese and English DLC items! I can give sternis and europe DLC items like the Nintendo dsi in with etc. please help me T_T
I will gonna cry ='(

User Info: dennis941012

8 years ago#53
Q: Where are the dates and holidays for Korea??
A: As of now, there is no list of Korean events. The items' status is based primarily on their location in the catalogue, as well as the objects' connection to Korean culture.

well as i'm to lazy to explain my country's holiday i'll just say what each item stood for
bureom is name of koreas traditional holiday and seems like look of kimchi(traditional Korean spiy salad i hate it though although many koreans enjoy it ) hibiscus is koreas national flower &#47924;&#44417;&#54868; <- typed in korean words hopefully it shows lastly yut is koreas traditional board game that is played in new years (i think chinese new yrs i forgot)
where you have 4 stick as dices replacement
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User Info: crankycat

8 years ago#54

i just bought a Hibiscus at nooks so it can be a korean one

User Info: Brinda_Wolff

8 years ago#55
^ You mean as a "Moth Orchid" replacement?

Shinuko@ Off topic, but I wanna know just in case. Do you know French better than English? When I think "Europe" I think of them speaking French.
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User Info: mcrib10

8 years ago#56
Does any 1 want to be buddies my names owen my codes 4382-8655-4563 my gates are always open so when ever i'm on you can come over i have pares oranges and peaches

User Info: Lexilynn33

8 years ago#57
Ooh wow, any japanese or europeans wanna trade with me?

User Info: kylewelch2

8 years ago#58
since I'm in North America could I get japanese exclusive items from getting it from someone in Japan?

User Info: Dark Mousy

Dark Mousy
8 years ago#59
City Folk Pics:
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If you time travel to the dates will it give you the item?
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