how many adults play this and what age?

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  3. how many adults play this and what age?

User Info: Airhammy

7 years ago#11
I'm 26
Animal Crossing: City Folk - Hammy in Cana-Duh - 0688-9330-9568

User Info: addicted2AC

7 years ago#12
I'm 44 and I've been playing since the gamecube version. I have two older sisters who play, one is over 50.
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User Info: Roselea

7 years ago#13
I'm 22 and have been playing since GCN.

User Info: Rainmaker59

7 years ago#14
I'll be 50 tomorrow and I play.
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User Info: Iamerror777

7 years ago#15
im 21
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User Info: MightionNY

7 years ago#16
38 here, and I've played on WW and GCN. :)
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User Info: lee_

7 years ago#17
I'm 27 and a very active player of games.
Lee - Member of the Evil Society of Evil
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User Info: spyrogirl1968

7 years ago#18
41 here :o)
Name: Silvia, Town: Oakdale, FC 2493-0153-2466

User Info: DrJohnSmith9

7 years ago#19
I'm 36, and I wouldn't consider this a "kiddie" game, but more of a family game.
This is the Internet. Stop taking things here so seriously.

User Info: duran1975

7 years ago#20
I'm 34 and have been gaming since Coleco Vision came out ('82-'83?). I love all the AC games so far (you definitely can get your moneys worth on these titles).
I agree that this isn't a "kiddie" game, it's just a game that has no gore, bad language, or violence. HeatherJohnsonArt is also on!
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  3. how many adults play this and what age?

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