GF got the BEST random Town! *PIC*

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User Info: BBilbo1

7 years ago#1
Last weekend, my gf started playing animal crossing. She really enjoys it.

So, wanting to take advantage of this situation and get her into gaming more, I encouraged her to get the game for HER Wii. That way, we could play online and take advantage of all the other perks that comes from accessing another city.

THIS is the town she got when she started her new game.
(Taken from her cellphone, but good pic, nonetheless.)

This is like, and OCD person's dream come true!

-Museum, Nook, City hall, and Gates all lined up!
-Convenient Ramp leading right up to Nook.
-Non-intrusive river for good access to the coast.
-AND she got 3 bridges right from the start due to a river-split.

I'm so jealous.

How do YOU guys feel about this town set-up?
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User Info: A_Charred

7 years ago#2
That is a nice town layout, plus there's an island. Having an island is why she has three bridges. My town has an island, and now I have four bridges. One is in just a stupid place, sorta next to the northern, original one. Absolutely no need for it.
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User Info: FemmeFromMars

7 years ago#3
That is a really nice layout. She has a nice little city-country thing there. Her Ables is right on the path to the ramp to Nook's as well. I too have Nook's and the Post Office on either side of the gate (very convenient), with Ables down about where hers is, but my museum is in the lower right quadrant. Is anything on the island - any animal house locations? If not, she could make a park out of it, or keep it open - lots of possibilities!

User Info: SvartNimbus

7 years ago#4
Mighty jealous too!
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User Info: addicted2AC

7 years ago#5
That is quite the town layout! I would say, she got pretty lucky.
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User Info: nintendogger

7 years ago#6
Personally I'm not a fan of the "islands", but other than that it's a great layout.
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User Info: 1337ilpie

7 years ago#7
lol all my places are in the four corners but I do have a reverse cliff
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User Info: huntie201

7 years ago#8
I have the same town shape and it I didnt keep restarting.
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User Info: GeekyJacko

7 years ago#9
Well, just my opinion, but I don't like it too much.

First of all, I like to have all of the services (Nooks, Ables, Town Hall, ETC.) all over the village, because it gives me the reason to use my whole village, not just a certain part of it. The island in the town is good, I'm all for islands. The waterfall is just the normal, plain one, and the ramps are also nothing too interesting.

I mean, that's mainly my opinion, I can see why it is unique compared to others, but I'm funny with my towns anyway :D.
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User Info: pokegum

7 years ago#10!

i got a good random town town first thing too,.
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