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User Info: wendilea50

6 years ago#1
Got any good ones? I am running out of ideas, need something new for the critters. My Husband has some good ones, but they are somewhat obsene.

User Info: katysu

6 years ago#2
In desperation I googled 'catch phrases' which brought up a lot of sites that detail hundreds if not thousands and I went through a site I liked and picked some out.

Sometimes I use phrases that link with the animal the villager is - sheep: fair dinkum, Aussie bound, pullyover, G'day mate, lamb chops. A chicken: KFC rules, pull my feathers, ad infinitum.
I have tried French phrases and Japanese ones, the latter not particularly successful as I often can't remember what the phrase meant!
I sometimes give cranky males the phrase 'I need a hug' .

User Info: o0Myst0o

6 years ago#3
I just tailor them to the type of animals they are. Like for Egbert I am using "Turn on da fryer" and "plucky". Lots of puns and jokes are involved.

User Info: A_Charred

6 years ago#4
Bada Bing. Bada Bang. Bon Jour. Bon Jour Cher. C'est la vie.

User Info: Rainmaker59

6 years ago#5
I made Benedict say "Doodle-doo." He moved out a year ago but half my town still says that. I make my wolves say "My dear."
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.
~ John Lennon

User Info: RapidNameChange

6 years ago#6
I got so made a Fang several time that I started making them say ****FANG!!!

Of course I can never really come up with decent ones.

Ah there was one time when Tank wanted me to change his catchphrase. While I was thinking the town clock bell rang and I said Uh-oh, it's six o'clock. From than on he said it.
Must paint picture with words...
FC: 0819 2487 0821 (plat, Dawn)

User Info: Lovefist1221

6 years ago#7
Since profanity has been outlawed, I've been at a loss lately. I've decided now to use Charlie Sheen quotes. Elmer says "Winning!" and Francine says "Adonis DNA!"

User Info: MachoMan73

6 years ago#8
I had Harry (the hippo) say "Feelin' lucky?" as his greeting and his catchphrase was "punk". Its funny if you've seen that Clint Eastwood movie.

Other greetings I've used:
Ahoy there
Shiver me timbers
What's shakin'?
Hi there.

And whatever noise the given animal makes (moo, baa, oink, etc.)

User Info: jewelediris

6 years ago#9
I taught Wendy to say "holysheep"
Willow to say "sheepyface"
Kid Cat to say "Megatron"
Elvis to say "snarf"
Jeremey in Jwldiris - 4468-4750-1853

User Info: jewelediris

6 years ago#10
katysu posted...
I sometimes give cranky males the phrase 'I need a hug' .

Im so gonna use that!
Jeremey in Jwldiris - 4468-4750-1853

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