I miss this....(sob story)

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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#21
perrolococz posted...
@Pokemon Power:
I remember you, you used Yugi a lot, didn't you? XD

Hi guys :3

i remember when i thought yugi was the most sleeper op character
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User Info: Rango

4 years ago#22
I miss a lot of things about this game. Seiyacide, Spirit Juggle, picking stages no one else would dare to pick, DBCGing fuzzy and having him go all out on me the next round, beating assist spammers without using a single one, and that time when two Sasukes used the invincibility glitch on the Bobobo stage, double teamed me for 90 seconds (while I ran away), and beat them both in Sudden Death.

Those were some good times.
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User Info: AutumnGust

4 years ago#23
This game was the first game I've sunk so much online time into. Loved it to death and am still hoping for a sequel on the 3DS or Vita. I miss this community too, it was one of my first online social experiences. I remember playing with quincy and jump0, good times ^_^
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User Info: perrolococz

4 years ago#24
Me too, its probably the game I played the most ever... And its likely no other game will ever make me play that much time..
For real, like the first couple of years I would play at least like an hour a day, and continued playing every so often.
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User Info: BoNyKiD07

4 years ago#25
Ditto^ I started playing this when I was 13...? And I kept playing until college and then during most of my longer vacations soo...yeah, time flies =X

And Japan was fun! Expensive trains, but I went to most places in Tokyo and it was great. I ended up buying a ton of One Piece things and souvenirs too, I might go again after graduating next yearish :D
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User Info: Tilak

4 years ago#26

So awesome, I loved traveling around Tokyo, though Ueno park is still my most favorite place. This is mostly due to the old man who was friends with the police and the yakuza, and showed me around the park, bought me juice, and made fun of the homeless people. He was the first person I ever met in Japan.

Also, the retro game stores in Akihabara are so amazing. Loved spending time there.
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User Info: HammerBroLuigi

4 years ago#27
beep boop. I haven't played this game in so long. I still listen to some of the music now and then though.

Neuro is still the best character btw
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User Info: nwabu2

4 years ago#28
Sorry for the late reply.
I still have one more year left at college and I am planning on making this one amazing. I hope when you do get first kid that you will tell them stories about the greatness of JUS lol.

I remember you as well. For some reason your name stood out lol.

I still remember you as well ;)

User Info: FabuIous

4 years ago#29
yeah i **** on everyone in this game. durango my punching bag.
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User Info: Rango

4 years ago#30
Actually, we tied last time. And the time before that, I'm pretty sure I creamed you. In fact, you're the most cookie-cutter person I've ever played. Meta Knight in Brawl, too. Here you are, years later, still the wannabe alpha-male, still the half-assed toilet product provoking other people, and you haven't grown up a bit.

Be proud of your little tenure in JUS, for what it's worth. You never could defend the Yusuke title and I still kicked your ass. Plus I've long moved from Jump and play better, more competitive games now. I bet you've never played a real fighting game before.
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