Nintendo is shutting down Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

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User Info: Rango

3 years ago#11
This is hilarious.
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User Info: BrushFairy

3 years ago#12
Local play is ok, but.....too far

User Info: SSReviewers

3 years ago#13
someone help me my game is corrupted i posted this in another post PLEASE HELPPPP

User Info: nwabu2

3 years ago#14
This is some crazy news. We all have such fund memories of online play, I was even planning on playing this game again years down the line. It is quite sad that now it just won't happen again. The online matches of Jump Ultimate Stars will remain with me for life.

May 20th, 2014.
Just wow.

User Info: nwabu2

3 years ago#15
I read your post on the other topic, the best thing I can advise is to emulate the game and download a save file. Your cartridge seems to be busted.

User Info: BoNyKiD07

3 years ago#16
the group I was looking at was called "Jump Ultimate Stars, JUSfighters"
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User Info: TrancedDreams

3 years ago#17
Even tho I haven't touched it for years, I'm down to play some peeps before it's gone.

User Info: manny03

3 years ago#18
Thanks to denial, I'm immortal! -Fry

User Info: ivanuchiha88

3 years ago#19
Dang. This was my favorite game. Its a shame I can't play now, Lost the game while back. :(
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User Info: GooderDS

3 years ago#20
How about we make some torneys on sunday?
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