Nintendo is shutting down Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

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User Info: perrolococz

3 years ago#21
I'm super in, but the problem is like most of the users here either don't care anymore or can't play, e.g. they lost the game or don't own a DS anymore.
I have send like 50 pms to the users here (lurking topics) and most people haven't respond.. Maybe they don't check their PMs.
If I didn't send you a pm and you would like to join the facebook group PM me, I dont know if I can post the facebook group here.
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User Info: 1upsuper

3 years ago#22
Who the hell loses games?
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User Info: Tilak

3 years ago#23
I'm in the facebook group myself, but while I still have my DS, the internet we have set up in the house uses an encryption code the DS doesn't support, and I don't want to reset all of my online devices back and forth just for the DS. I've tried looking before for workarounds but haven't found anything, hope I get to play a few more with you guys before the end comes.
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User Info: HammerBroLuigi

3 years ago#24
Aw man. that is pretty lame. I guess I'd be up to play some with any of you guys before the time comes? I'd be way outta practice though! Haha might be fun to get a few games in before it's no longer possible to do so...
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User Info: setyman

3 years ago#25
BoNyKiD07 posted...
the group I was looking at was called "Jump Ultimate Stars, JUSfighters"

Thanks man!
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User Info: KungFuPhil

3 years ago#26

Well, good games to everyone. I had a blast with this game and frequently reminiscence about it. I can't believe it's been seven years since the game was released.

EDIT: I just remembered my password, after two years of forgetting it. I opened my mailbox and noticed an old link I used to visit:

Man, JUS, you're awesome.
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