how exactly do you play this?

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User Info: save_me

9 years ago#1
So I finally managed to get the blue dressed girl on the train (Manaka was her name I think) and Im touching her all over but the meter on the left only fills up to one fourth of the full size. What am I doing wrong?
CE's Resident Singaporean

User Info: StyleePI

9 years ago#2
Keep playing with her until it reaches 3/4 full and it will automatic ly stop the train to move to the next scene (bathroom i think)
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User Info: UnholyReaver

9 years ago#3
How did you get her on the train? Who writes these faqs and never says how to do anything?

User Info: YuSaKu

9 years ago#4
I wrote it, and for such an undetailed FAQ, it sure is getting some good feedback. It wasn't intended to be an instruction manual. Tell you what, since I'm tired from work, I don't think I'm going to help you. You're a new user anyway, who probably can't post again until tomorrow, so sweat it out chum. I'm sure a nicer person will come along and help you, even though they shouldn't.

User Info: UnholyReaver

9 years ago#5
Not a new user at all, but uninterested in the politics of bulletin boards. Why raise a rank or whatever? Congrats on being important on the internet, man. God I wish I could post as many times a day as you. If I could do that AND rape girls in games, no one could ever mess with me.

User Info: YuSaKu

9 years ago#6
ROFL, I was so tired last night that I only looked at your user level and not the details. Now that I've had a chance to read it again, it makes it even more humorous. And I quote:

User Name UnholyReaver
User ID 3173798
Board User Level 20: New User (2)
Awarded to users with at least 20 Karma. Can create 10 topics, 50 messages per day. Can now mark messages for moderation.
Account Created Tuesday, September 13, 2005 5:20 PM
Last Visit Thursday, May 1, 2008 9:36 PM

I don't post on the boards that often anymore, as I'm away from home 12-14 hours a day, but even so, I think after 2 ½ fuggin' YEARS I'd be beyond new user status. Hell, last night it was User level 15.

Now, all joking aside, allow me to respond to your characterization of myself. I am not 'important on the internet', I'm just a guy who cuts expensive meat for m(b)illionaires on a sub-tropical island, and happens to play video games in his spare time (Which I have very little of anymore).

Normally, I would have done a lot more with the Rapelay guide, but there's already a few good question/answer FAQs, and a plethora of information pages on the game, so I didn't want to bother with it. I was under the impression that the FAQ was received quite well, until I saw your post, calling it the 'Worst detailed FAQ of all time'.

I think I responded to you appropriately enough. A lot of others would not have been so lenient after their hard work and dedication came under fire for not including common-sense information. But I'm a nice enough guy. Besides, you're just a name on a message board, you can't bother me in real life. You don't like my work, don't read it.

Now, you just had to take another shot at me didn't you? Don't accuse me of 'getting off' on a rape game. I don't expect you to know this, because you probably haven't read any of my other FAQs, but I am VERY anti-rape. Tell you what, read this:

Especially the part where I denounce rape. I was planning to add a similar disclaimer to the Rapelay FAQ, but as I think I've already said, I'm a very busy man.

Well, now that you figured out how to click a mouse button junior, why don't YOU go have fun raping an underage girl in a public toilet. Bet you're doing it one-handed. Don't let mommy catch you.

User Info: UnholyReaver

9 years ago#7
Two fuggin years of not being into bulletin boards, just reading good faqs with basic game details and descriptions.

I don't write guides and publish them for games that sicken me. The ONLY reason I'd play a game this short with such limited gameplay is to jerk off to it. Real games have hours of detail, progression of skills, customized characters, equipment, multiplayer... this was intended (and you have played as intended, whatever you say. I didnt say you 'got off' to it, you put that in there) to be played one handed.

I've figured the game out, thanks. I actually am using your faq, now that we've hammered out the basic controls. It wasn't badly written, but being the ONLY faq here, I guess I made the mistake of expecting the basics.

Congrats on the tropical life? I guess, not being around billionaires, I have close friends, which might be why I only post here with questions or answers to questions, and not socially. I laughed MY butt off when I realized your first response to criticism was to evaluate how powerful I was on this website :) Don't make the assumption mistake; I'm a married professional well out of my teens, with children, who tries not to show quite as much self-absorption as you in his posts.

User Info: YuSaKu

9 years ago#8
I don't mean to come off as being self-absorbed, or snappish, it's just the stress of my daily life. trust me, I'm a family man myself, I'm older, and you don't want my problems. I don't live on the island, I just work there. I have to take a ship to get back and forth each day. It's one thing to be abused by customers at a normal job, but when your average customers are retired politicians, neurosurgeons, and mega-VIP's, you can't exactly retaliate. It takes its toll after a while. I need this job, as it pays better than anything else around here, but I can't work there AND continue my old ways, so I made a choice.

I only published the Rapelay guide because I was sick of seeing it on my desktop, and I knew I wasn't really going to mess with it anymore. Last year I had so many projects on my to-do list that were supposed to be done by now: Translation/FAQ for Kana Okaeri, finish off Segment 2/3 of my Morrowind update, begin write-ups for Kamisama Noiutooritsu and Snow Sakura, re-visit Ai Yori Aoshi, ect. I mean I could go on. But one thing bothered me: Nobody had done anything for Rapelay. mean, the game was translated forever ago, but no FAQ. So I did a write-up and left it so I could sketch in stuff later.

See it may look like I have time because all of my posts are so long, but I was actually supposed to be asleep 40 minutes ago, because I have to leave at 9:30AM, and I won't get home until 11:00PM, so somewhere in that small time frame, I have to spend time with my family, eat something, unwind, get tired, and go to sleep so i can get up to do it all over again the next day. With that hanging over me 24/7, is it any wonder I forgot to say 'Right click on the icon to blow wind up Manako's arse?'

User Info: Verhoven

9 years ago#9
Thanks for the effort Yusaku but, any individual with an average IQ could get this game running by simply googling it. You were right, game was released and translated years ago and yet no faq. I fact, I managed to trace the game on a particular site which also included the game mechanics.
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