Spoilerrific Series Chat Lounge #3 - "Newbs Can Enter" Edition

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User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#41
I think they put the first or second volume up for a limited time a while back but I was surprised to see the email telling me the newest volume was up for download. Also, that glorious Ys wallpaper showing off Karna's redesign.

User Info: mizzy_d

5 years ago#42
I see. Was also surprised to know that the magazine is in a full edition, not some free sample pages, so I downloaded it as quick as possible.
Agreed about Karna's wallpaper, sooo pretty. :)

User Info: Miles_The_Fox

5 years ago#43
I was pretty surprised to see Falcom releasing the current Falcom Magazine via MeruMaga this time, too... and admittedly just a little annoyed because I'd already bought it a few days earlier, but eh. At least it was 100 yen cheaper this time.

Some of the dialogue in the new Loewe Monogatari chapter is pretty interesting. A lot of it is extremely similar to dialogue in the game itself, but what new additions there are... well, they're pretty insightful, I'll say that.

Loewe Monogatari Chapter 12 spoilers:
From the looks of it, Loewe's starting to catch on that Weissmann at least had a hand in the Tragedy of Hemel. It's the professor's comment about how Loewe's made a choice for Joshua in the past (when he chose to hand him over to Weissmann following the tragedy) that tipped him off , it seems. Definitely sheds a bit more insight on Loewe's ...-ing in the in-game version of this scene, to say the least!

I'm a bit surprised by how much they were playing up the whole fate/bonds theme this time, though. They're putting a lot of focus on that all of a sudden, what with parts of Lucciola's speech about it getting repeated multiple times throughout the chapter. Not to mention that Lucciola puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that even Loewe's actions may be preordained by fate...

I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully they're not going to end up skipping the manga for a month again! They've been doing that worryingly often the last couple of months...
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