My Gagharv Trilogy Playthrough - SPOILER FOR ALL LOH TITLES

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User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#1
Just like RyougaSaotome's playthrough thread that covers three games after this game (SC, The 3rd, Zero), I do the same with three games that came before this game.....aka, Gagharv Trilogy!

So, I decided to gamble myself with these games....worrying myself with bad things I heard....
And well....

They're amazing!

Crappy translations and bad gameplay aside, the story and the music are surprisingly good. AToV is pretty much what FC+SC could have been if it wasn't separated in two games, and PotMW is pretty good so far.
But crappy translations is a part of its charm for me. Like someone said, so bad it's good.

And the characters.....just, the characters. I'll just list my faves on AToV, though.
Avin and Mile is Estelle and Joshua: Boys Love version. Or for Avin, he's pretty much Lloyd prototype.
Eimelle is KeA redux. And she's pretty funny in the Balloa Tour.
THOMAAAAASSSS!!!!! *fangirl squeal* I hope the story of Captain Thomas book isn't true because I can't stand him to die like that ;_;. I heard he's a child molester in SotO and it's funny and creepy at the same time. Can't wait to play him on PotMW and SotO. that I finished AToV, I can totally see Anelace in him. Cheerful, is a self-proclaimed rival to main character, is an apprentice to a master swordsman, is totally bad at magic, and the list goes on. Plus his crush on Lucias is hilarious.
I love Lucias because she's the only one who has 'facepalm' expression. It's enough to see how she plays the Straight Woman to everyone else's silly antics. Also, I enjoy reading Swordswoman Sapphie, despite Lucias telling that they're too embarrassing to read.
Madram....everytime he's there, something cool bounds to happen. And his story is a combination of Loewe's ans Kevin's, both of which I love.
Rael, because of his...."unique" taste for spell chants. Also, he reminds me of Jona for his troublemaker attitude.
Martie, because he grows up from a nobody to prime minister. How he deals with Muse is like how Mueller deals with Olivier. And it's funny. Also, his Engrish-y "My skill as an adventurer is OK! Onion Slice!"
Gawaine for his MOTHAF***ER JUSTICE HAMMER and METEOR BREAKER. He's also a resident old man badass like Cassius, complete with a guilt-ridden past.
ROUCAAAAA!!!! Cute as shota in AToV, hot as adult in SotO.
Archem, because she reminds me of Kloe. I also like her design.

And my favorite S-Crafts, er, Deathblows from AToV: Martie's (because it's hilarious), Silver Mile's, Avin's 2nd, Gawaine's, Archem's, Lucias', Elenoa's, and Rutice's.

Although it's in wrong order, playing AToV first than PotMW made me laugh and think because of the references. Just look at Sharla and Goose, and laugh because they're like mish-mashes of four different AToV characters. Also, I get the feeling that Michel faked his memory loss here, hope I'm right. Then I remember that in AToV, Manager said that Rare Metal is so difficult to bend that it's like a miracle if a simple knife can be made from it. And I looked at what Silver Dagger does in PotMW. Possible foreshadowing?

As for the music....
From AToV I'm fond of: the first battle theme, the parting song, Platenos' theme (thanks Aidios it's returning in PotMW), the mountain's theme, the song that plays during town invasion, Phildin Castle, the Spirits battle theme, Silver Mile's battle theme, the song which plays in dungeons with blue borders, and final battle theme.
From PotMW: Ragpick Village's song, Chris' music box, the Shrines' theme, the first battle theme, the song Sharla plays during her coverage, the world map theme.

Am I wrong for liking these games?

Also, I'm surprised that there's Chris' music box in Ao.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#2
And the senile old man Roule is revealed to be Thomas. *facepalm* I should have known. He has a grandson, so I wonder who is the lucky woman who he banged. And he picked a trick or two from Michel, eh?
Lodi is so Agate. A swordsman with green bandana and is slightly Tsundere......
Alf....wait, he's a king? I laughed when he persuaded the soldiers by claiming it was a mere staring contest.

Also, is it just me or the majority of important people in PotMW are old men?

And I just realized the PSP ports has the shaped shadow like the PC version of Kiseki series.

LOL Chris made a guard cry.

It's official, I hate the roulette game. Cheating b-tards.

I heard that there's a theory about Torova's kithara being Forte's in the past. And I think I heard that song somewhere.

Aaargh the guard chasing!!!!

And I found yet another Engrish provided by Lodi: "Come on, do your worst!". Wut.

Oh you Lodi. So Genre Savvy by showing that ring. And the soldier is short-minded. And LOL Lodi telling us not to call Alf with just "Alf" and at the same time Chris does so.

Magisa has a portraits! Important person spotted!
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#3
Yeah, Magisa is clearly important.

Oh u Lodi, what a flirt you are. And LOL he's bandaged like Agate's. Then get stomped by Shirla and Jurio.

Chris, you should thank Goose for "fixing" your horrible cooking. Poor Jurio for being Chris' "slave".

Dang, I miss Sapphie vol 5.

I love how moral values are told by everyone in this game. Shows how this journey is shaping our lovely duo into adults.

Aww, Shirla and Goose are good all along. I think they just love freedom, so they chose to be bandits.

LOL a Call Back to AToV with Filly and her Bang Bang. Yeah, technically a Call Back because AToV is set in distant past.

Dang it, dang it, DANG IT! The visuals of the last Magic Mirror are hints of something dangerous!

Kajim hits really hard -_-".

Is it just me or the enemies hits too hard and the equips are too expensive?

Again, an NPC calls out the main characters for traveling with all the ladies. Is it a running gag in Gagharv Trilogy?

And yeah, Michel really gets around. Almost everyone above their 40s apparently knows about him to some extent.

Currently on Horuku and the equips get really high prices and I'm run out money -_-".
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#4
Also, I'm surprised that there's Chris' music box in Ao.

Chris' music box, Raniki's jukebox, a model plane from Zwei II... and I'll bet you anything the mass of collection items they're hinting at with Nayuta will have a ton of references too.

Magisa has a portraits! Important person spotted!

This is what happens when you play any Kiseki game first...

And I think I heard that song somewhere.

My memory's a bit fuzzy on Gagharv since the last time I played the games was years ago but you probably have. I seem to recall PotMW borrowing a few songs from the other games in the trilogy, along with having a pretty good soundtrack generally. Borrowing the best bits from the Symphonic arrange album helps.

Again, an NPC calls out the main characters for traveling with all the ladies. Is it a running gag in Gagharv Trilogy?


I love how moral values are told by everyone in this game. Shows how this journey is shaping our lovely duo into adults.

Chris and Julio*, if I hadn't seen EsuJoshu first they'd be my favorite main character duo but first impressions and all that. I like to imagine that there's a metaversal cafe somewhere (probably run by Michel) where Legendary Heroes from across time and space can meet. I'd love to see a conversation between Chris and Tio.

* Between his official romanization and The Morning Grow, somewhere, two perfectly good words are missing their R's. Hmm, maybe that explains 'Clelia' and 'Loud'.

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#5
some more minor spoilers:--

yes for the the original 3 games equipment is costly and enemies still hit way too hard at level 50+ and most of the 3 original games are beatable around level 45.

Though for song of the ocean level 45 to 50 is way too low for the boss's that take damage from "combo" spells I had the combos do little to no damage to their 10,000+ HP even at level 45 to 50 and their spells instant killed my PC's at the same time.

As for the 3 original games Tear of Vermillion of the 3 games has the easier final boss fight.

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#6
Vegh, I will hold your words about AToV Final Boss is the easiest one until I see Isabelle and Stigma in action.

Okay back to my commentaries, now with more thoughts instead of my progress:

- Why everyone is lusting after Lodi's shorts?

- I guess the reason why the inn is free is because the costly equips, eh?

- In AToV, I just had this realization came that Avin vs Madram in Graveyard would be epic if it didn't go straight to SPRITE ACTIONS. Like Joshua vs Loewe in SC that came after everyone vs Loewe.
But wait. Isn't the "Joshua vs Loewe" in AToV Avin vs Silver Mile? It fits thematically too....

- I guess Chris and Elie would be good friends. And then they can poison the entire EiyuDen cast with their "unique" cooking. I forget who's the one with horrible cooking in Sora trilogy, so add her/him into the chaotic kitchen. No, Estelle doesn't count as she got better.

- I think Silver Mile's 2nd Deathblow, Dark Wings, inspired Renne's Le Lanendes. Both have to throw the weapon and have bats everywhere.

- Also, I heard there's an Arts or maybe a Craft in Ao that shares its name with the last Water spell in AToV (Reincarnation? Ring Carnation? Aargh, what's the right romanization!?).

- Alf looks like Cassius. I mean, just dye his hair into brown and he will looks like Cassius' long lost twin brother.

- I'm surprised that Lucias' fanbase in Japan is strong. I thought the popular ones are always the Moe ones. Like Archem, Eimelle, Filly, or Una.

- I'm still bitter about Thomas' grandpa form in PotMW. He's buffer than Michel in both AToV and SotO, yet Michel outclasses him in body build department as old man. Thomas is also younger than Michel, for Bardus' sake!

- Speaking about age, how old is everyone? I know Avin's 17, Mile's 18, Julio's 14, Chris' 15, Eimelle's 15, Rael's 13, Rouca's 14, Shannon's 17(!), Elenoa's got hers changed from 20 (PC98) to 26 (Windows), Douglas' 28, Lucias' 23, and Michel's 28.
I think Lodi's somewhere in his 20s, Alf's is at least in his 40s, Filly's is probably 16, same as Rutice's, Gawaine's and Morrison's are probably in their early 60s, then Forte's and Una's are 15 like Nayuta and Lyra.

- Also, I heard there's AToV Drama CD and apparently Avin is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. The Drama CD also has Ishida Akira as Mile, although he got cast as Michel in Ys vs Sora, and Michel is voiced by someone else (I forgot his name). Douglas is voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, who will later voicing Arios. Lucias' is Atsuko Tanaka, Eimelle's is Ryoko Konishi, Rutice's is Akiko Hiramatsu(!).
If there's an AToV remake with full voiced dialogue, I guess Falcom will get the new seiyuu for everyone.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#7

Of the 3 previous games final boss's I say song of the ocean one is easily the hardest one to kill off but I barely got that far in game as well.

IE see my previous post about those boss's that need Combo Magic to drain their HP those boss's have OVER 10,000 max HP and I had the combo spells barely drain even 100 HP per use AT level 45 to 50.

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#8
Forget PotMW for a while, and let's continue what I missed on my AToV misadventures!

- btw, I forgot to mentioned this, but LOL @ Lucias and Karamus. When I heard Lucias' title, I suddenly remembered that it sounds similar to the book series at Phildin's library. And I was right. Cue Lucias' facepalming.

- back to Guia, apparently now the mine is attacked by a silver-haired man. Loewe? Maybe :p.

- we're karting with a cart~we're karting with a cart~like in Malga Mine~.

- now I considered myself stupid for ignoring the other path *facepalm*.

- if a strong sword prodigy like Lucias is knocked by the silver-haired man, he's either cheating with magic or he's just that skilled with sword.

- ah these guys again. Might Up+Heat Up+Sonic Sword=ROFLSTOMP.

- aww Rutice and Rouca *sniff*. Reminds me of Estelle and Renne's hug. And like that one user said, dat ass.

- goodbye Rael and Elenoa! See you in the final chapter!

- but before that, remember the matchmaker? Elenoa rejects her offer again, Rutice supports her offer for Avin, and poor Lucias wants to run away her.

- being Lucias is suffering.

- now to the Garden Hill! Climbing~climbing~like there's no tomorrow~. Is it a bug or the normal battle theme outside the cave is the first one? Oh how I miss thee.

- hill on the canyon, a bit ethnic, and housed the ruler of Wind. Kylos anyone?

- oh you Rheiton. Being a guardian is suffering, eh? You must endure the horribad cooking from your possible crush, and then a silver-haired man *plays Silver Will SAV ominously* comes and puts you into submission.

- rotten smell caused by big bad ugly abomination.....and there's no another infamous suffering like "I didn't have eaten a unusual today" :(.

- let's pick Archem and the Meefas! From her story, it seems that she grows a lot after Avin left. And wow Meefas, they're so fast.

- IDUN SHRINE FINALLY. Wind, wind everywhere. And Lucias being the one who suffers....again.

- let's go to Benequia again! And WHAT!? Here we go, you dastardly Octum cronies!

- and finally Syamseal Gang and Madram steal, err, save the day! Oh and hey, a Madram-Fatima ship tease. And Lucias-Archem moment is adorable.

- Archem and Rutice pep talking about their feelings for Avin. As I said before, so Kloe-Estelle.

- oh hello General Diren, long time no see. Howsie Muse and Mart-mart?

- let's go to Phildin! Bang Bang being its usual self, the Weapon Dealer's daughter still lusting about Mile, the fighting couple being lovey-dovey, Phildin Meister and Avin reminiscing about the past, the jerkass Abbot is panicking because Avarice is caught, and we heard from his friend that Martie passed the Prime Minister Exam.

- oh hello Mile's daddy- wait, what!? Hey, say something! Don't go to the castle! And don't summon the monsters!!!

- speaking of which, the way people summoned monsters from Book of Life is like the way Phantasma demons are summoned. Pink gylph initiates the ritual, then the monsters appear with shaking screens and fade-in effect.

- I wonder why Muse stopped Martie from listing his activities as Prime Minister? Are they really dating or what?

- get well soon, Mile's daddy!

- let's see the castle....oh hey, there's a maid named Karin! And then there's a count who wants Rutice as a maid because of her beautiful black hair. So, Joshua's maid disguise is actually a Mythology Gag?

- awww, Muse really loves her citizen and servants....that's how a royal family should behave.

- and that lady mistakes Muse as Mildine's impostor when Muse is actually Mildine herself *facepalm*.

- let's buy equips for Martie and Muse! At least the price is still reasonable.

- so, only Dinerken can make the cure for Mile's daddy? Let's fetch him!
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#9
Yes in all 3 previous games costly equips are so costly that I had no money left after buying ALL of those weapons/armors.

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#10
Seriously, is everyone avoiding to discuss these terribadly-amazing games? I didn't have eaten a unusual today, but I feel nauseous because the only one who constantly commented on this thread is freakin' Vegh. And for the first time in this board, *le gasp* he's right for a certain little thing.

Btw, I've found some good-quality scans from Gagharv Trilogy Artbook. I think I've only missed PotMW's NPC, Eimelle's, Mile's, and Shannon's mugshots. For those who want to see 'em, check 'em in my Photobucket album here:!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

And after quick-reading through them...
- Some characters' ages don't make sense! Especially Shannon's! Filly should be on Chris' age! Durzel looks too young for someone in his 60s! Forte's look isn't like those of a 14 years old teen has! And what's up with freakin' Goose being older than Shirla!? Thomas should be a bit younger! Okay, the last one is actually my fangirl thoughts, but oh well.... And why Morrison's, Badatt's, and Stella's ages aren't specified? Are they immortals? :p

- Thomas in suits @_@. But I think green doesn't suits him. Dat long hair, however, makes him 100x sexier.

- some of the designs feel Trails-ish.

- what's up with Gagharv's favoritism towards shotas and old men!? Really, there are delicious shotas and hot bod old men everywhere! Although there are some good-looking middle-aged men, and I guess you should know who is the one I worship.

- do I mention how much I love Thomas? He has some serious influence on Lechter from my perspective.
The woman whom he married with must be the luckiest woman in Gagharv-verse. My theory? She's Archem, and Thomas waited her to grow up for a bit before marrying her after the events of SotO. Why? Just because it feels like Lechter/Kloe. No, really. :P

- let me get this straight: Jurio uses short swords, Goose uses knives, and Lodi uses long swords, okay? And no, that's not an innuendo.
Also, Lodi's pose in his official artwork makes him looks like Agate for a bit. If only Lodi and Filly ever met and attracted to each other, it would be like an early coming of Agate/Tita :p.
Alf's weapon is a spear, not a sword. Or is the sword just a formality? Or is it like Cassius, who used swords before he switched to staves?

- why is loli Gueld hiding her face? Afraid to show her eye color? (refers to Creha being an incarnation of Gueld theory)
Also, if in AG 972 she died at the age of 18, she shouldn't exist back in the time of SotO. Because 972-943=29. Unless Another World's calendar system is different than AG (which I think it is), it's either a mistake from Falcom or the one who built her grave is judging her age by her appearance.

- "Unforgivable Troublemaker" has some "Silver Will" tune, "Boss Battle" has some "Trails in the Sky" tune, and certain parts of PC-exclusive "Wait, Eimelle" sounds like Cry for Me, Cry for You. Coincidence?
Also, "Octum's Desire" plays similarly to "Dreamy and Boisterous Land" (or whatever The 3rd's final boss theme is called) or maybe even "The Azure Arbitrator"; opens with pipe organ and then goes to hardcore remix of the main theme.

- I think I know why I've heard the song Torova plays before. Turns out I have a SotO save data of which content is where MacBain Company is looking for Cranka's Resonance Stone. And the song Forte plays with his kithara is the same one Torova plays!

- oh and the Idun Guardian's name should be "Rheitol", not "Rheiton" *facepalm*. What a silly mistake I created.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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