My Gagharv Trilogy Playthrough - SPOILER FOR ALL LOH TITLES

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User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#11
Because the previous post can't handle my text-heavy comments....

I just want to comment that Haizen's king is too indecisive. How in the earth he can rule the country for who knows how long!?

And LOL Horuku's guard being a puppy when it comes to Filly. Poor Jurio and Chris for being treated like crap.
Then the outside castle guard promised us to walk in his hands and circling three times in a row if we're allowed to enter the castle. As we already entered, he had no choice but to fulfill his promise. But he's quickly exhausted because he wears armors and only did a lap.

Say, if Gagharv has their own Septerrions, what would they be? You can't pick Space and Illusion, because they already known.
El Phildin's : Book of Life - Septerrion of Earth (earth=life force, get it?). Or alternatively, Guardian Bell - Septerrion of Wind.
Tirasweel's : still can't find the suitable thing....but I think it's either Fire, Wind, or Earth.
Weltluna's : The Water Melody - Septerrion of Water (obvious)
Another World's : Gueld - Septerrion of Time (how else could she can foresee the future?)
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#12
- "Unforgivable Troublemaker" has some "Silver Will" tune, "Boss Battle" has some "Trails in the Sky" tune, and certain parts of PC-exclusive "Wait, Eimelle" sounds like Cry for Me, Cry for You. Coincidence?

Oh come on, you've played pretty much the entire series, you know there's no such thing as a coincidence in Zemuria. Characters named Lloyd and Tio in Rolent? All so they could throw in a one-off line about the names sounding familiar.three games later. A book shows up? Two games later someone is going to mention it frequently. Weissmann stubs his toe on a pebble? Five games later the pebble will turn out to be an artifact of unmatched power.

Okay, maybe I'm jesting a bit, but only a little. They probably did that on purpose because they figured they had a cool melody (or were borrowing one from someone else, see Rock on the Road) and wanted to get some good use out of it.

- do I mention how much I love Thomas? He has some serious influence on Lechter from my perspective.

Feel free to draw your own connections between Lechter's gambling habit (or addiction perhaps? I mean, when you'd rather stare at a slot machine than Klose...), the Gambler Jack story and Thomas. For a while I actually wondered if the Jack of the story could be Thomas.

- why is loli Gueld hiding her face? Afraid to show her eye color? (refers to Creha being an incarnation of Gueld theory)

Nah, that's a trait of hers in general. By the way, they're blue, Creha's are sort of reddish-purple.

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#13
Oh yeah, I read somewhere that in SotO Thomas disguised himself as an ambassador by the name of "Jack Slade". And the first thing we saw him doing is gambling....I think? Then when his disguise is about to be blown up, he changes his name into "Fred".

Sounds familiar, eh?

Also, I like to think that Lechter's development will be like Thomas' was:
An oddball stranger in his first appearance with his "shocking" identity revealed after a while->we get to learn everything about him: from what he did, his personality, and goals in his consecutive appearances->does many awesome moments->joins the party for real in the final game(->marry someone, live peacefully in a country not his own, and gambling like there's no tomorrow to help many people's troubled lives.)

Aargh, reading great things Thomas does in SotO makes me want to finish PotMW quickly~! I want to see Lodi's smile (seriously, he -almost- never smiled!), Joanna in general (because being a granddaughter of an important figure in LoH is a guarantee for your badass status), Durzel/Gueld moments, Badatt the Dogi Clone with Zane's goal, Stella the Proto-Rixia, and how the conflict between the two kings of Phente will be resolved.
Also, I noted that the Silver Dagger will be important at some points. Hope I was right.

Oh and I'll list the similarities between Thomas and Lechter. It's completely an assumption and just for laughs:
*SNIP because obvious spoiler is obvious*
- both have this "playful but can be serious at times" charm for me.
- I <3 both of them.

If he talks in similar manner as Lechter's in Japanese version, that just seals it. But I doubt it, because I expect him to talk in an usual sailor's manner.

And why is it hard to find good fanarts of Thomas/Slade/Fred that are NEITHER Platenos II sausage-fest nor Thomas x Rouca? At any rate, I should make some Thomas-Lechter brofist and Thomas x Archem fanarts in order to lust about him without being accused as a Yaoi Fangirl.

Also, I find myself crack-shipping Lodi and Shirla for the lulz. His comments on her at Castle Amdera is just hilarious XD.

Sorry for fangirling too much :p
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#14
Whew! Currently at Chapter 6 of PotMW!

LOL at the ignorant queen.

LOL at Jurio-Chris and Shirla-Goose ignoring Belart. One of the funniest scene yet.

Shirla's new bandit gang's name? Wildcat Bandits. Oh hai Josette.

LOL at Goose mis-aiming and knocked down Belart instantly. This should be Goose's new Finishing Blow: Stone Fatality FTW.

Jealous Chris is jealous.

And I thereby proudly announced that Chapter 5 is the funniest part of PotMW. Everything about it is just LOL-worthy.

Now we're venturing on the desert....wait, what's that!? What are you doing here, Yin?

Oh hai Badatt, y u so similar to Felghana version of Dogi? Now can you crush this prison's wall?

So this Yin look-a-like is called Desert Panther. Bet she will appear again as a complete stranger who will help us.

Crybaby Jurio :D

SPRITE ACTIONS finally. For the first time, it's a bit sub-par. But I like the suplex Badatt did.

I bet Naje is the one who throws the grenades. And she has portraits! Important person spotted!

Woolghit and Kandata are evil evil EVIL!!! But hey, their red eyes might be a hint of something.

Jurio is adorable with his turban <3.

Now go to Ruins! This is...Bardus and Octum? Oh, I remember Michel in Truth Island can't decipher the meaning of the same painting. Probably because he's not in his pilgrimage yet?

LOL Jurio is scared on mere skeletons.

Now to Ghidonel! Merchants, merchants everywhere.

Figs? Figs! Oh hai Naje, you saved us with this fig. We owe you.

Hey, speaking of Crimson Fires, how much do you keep, Jurio?

Kidnapped again -_-". And finally Badatt has a chance to do Dogi's Wall-Crusher....only for the Desert Panther to steal, er, save the day again.

And my prediction is right. Naje=Desert Panther=Stella. And why Pasia has portraits?

LOL Chris being preached by her guard.

It would be better if we can fight Woolghit and Kandata in battle.

Some exposition regarding Revas and business planning....

Stella's Magic is boss. Freeze Lance FTW.

Aaand that's where I stopped playing. Stay tune for more Jurio and Chris' misadventures with Proto-Rixia and Dogi-wannabe in order to find the man who Lodi referred waaaay back in Chapter 2!
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#15
Finally completed PotMW! Jurio, Chris and Stella are in level 38 whereas Durzel is 39.

Continuing from the last time, we were captured because of mere eavesdropping (/swt). And we were put in the same jail as "prison king", who turns out to be....Uncle Huck? LOL

"Inevitable twist of fate", indeed. And now, Badatt-Huck relationship is born.

LOL Uncle Huck. Just....LOL.

Stella is a little too extreme....everytime there are obstacles, she always prepares to throw her bombs.

Joanna~. Too bad she only joined for a short time and is essentially Alf 2.0 in terms of gameplay. But now I know where Elie got her personality from.

Jurio's dream is scary. But LOL at the sudden mood breaker from Chris.

Play hide and seek with Alice! And now, we can free Durzel.

Badatt-Huck finally arrived! Chatty Huck is chatty. And the way the soldiers are knocked is LOL-worthy.

Durzel being badass by showing his knowledge about the tower. But hey, it's his fruit of idea, after all.

Where will we go? "Road of Remembrance" and the fact we will meet Gueld made me expect the worst about her....
Yeah. I was right. Gueld ;___;. And how Espelancer/Elucion is there? Did Forte or Michel or Thomas gave it to Durzel? I hope the ending or SotO will answer it.

Aaargh, this Another World issues makes me want to play SotO now! And poor Durzel and Gueld ;__;. I know they're essentially BFF, but I can't help but to think Durzel cheated his wife for Gueld.

Michel's staff henshin to Gueld's staff! This seems sooo suspicious. And nice to meet you again Espelancer!

The monsters here have ridiculously high HP and hit way too hard. Luckily they're weak to Earth. Still, they drop ridiculously low amount of money. I like the monsters on Guil Road better orz.

Who cares about armors? Durzel is a perfect tank he doesn't need better armor.

I bet if Gagharv Trilogy gets better localization, Captain Brit will speak in British English LOL.

Aaaand now to Castle Roudo! We're just level 36 at that time. I hate these Clay Dolls. They're like, indestructible! Wait, mighty dolls? I suspect that Workshop Thirteen is the one behind these dolls.

Wildcat Bandits saves the day! Also, Lodi finally knows the truth! Go Lodi! And LOL Morrison and Alf not knowing each other's presence. Also, stupid soldier and Wildcat Bandits for getting lost. Oh wait, we are too.

Why didn't they let the BGM stay even in battle? It's killing the mood, y'know.

Riz and Filly are blessings. Especially Filly. Cheap healing is cheap.

I hate this tower. So many branching paths! And those pesky cave inhabitants from AToV return and now stronger than ever!

(To be continued on my next post)
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#16

Now go to Revas! So, you said that there's no other way!? Lloyd and co. told me that if we're willing to find another way, we can save everyone without sacrificing something! But alas, that's seven games later, so now we have no choice but to STOP YOU! Revas is cheap. The key to my success is Durzel and his Rally. You cheap, I cheap.

Oh hai this scene again from AToV. And the Crimson Fire Jurio always kept becomes our hope. Badass Goose is badass. And +1 confidence to Julio! Shirla being Tsundere for Jurio and Goose LOL. Oh hello again Huck and where's Joanna?

Why didn't they let us to choose party members here? ;_;. Now we talk to Filly for cheap healing and go to the roof!

Isabelle, tell us, what's our sin? Why do we have to wait for SotO for the answers? Do you really love Rudolf? And why can't we talk nicely about this matter? WHY we MUST fight? Now the efforts of Leone, Forte, Gueld, Michel and Thomas becomes nothing! They worked hard to ensure that both worlds can be saved! But....I guess we have no choice...!
Isabelle is waaay too easy! She's easier than Octum IMO. Her minions are weak to Sky-elemental spells, so Julio's Lumiere and Stella's Thundersphere can annihilate them easily. Especially Stella, since she has Time Stop and Magic Up. After Isabelle is alone, Durzel use Rally on everyone and Jurio finishes her with one-shot Brave Rush. Chris? La Recure every turn!

GUEEELD!!!! ;_____;. Is this her destiny? Is she regretting this? Like Durzel said, why is she so kind to the world that hates her? Either way, thank you so much, Gueld! We will always remember you! And the way everyone react makes me think: Was Gueld chosen to do this? Or was she chose herself?

Lodi's smile~! And LOL Wildcat Bandits. Uncle Huck henshin from eccentric archaeologist to eccentric man who escaped from his debt collector! LOL again to Badatt's not-so-funny jokes. Goodbye everyone! We'll make sure that we will meet again! Someday! And I noticed that Lodi and Filly become close to each other. Possible relationship or just a matter of positioning?

Reading through Durzel's letter makes me think: Is Ortega Michel in disguise? The description fits perfectly. I mean, a powerful sorcerer who possibly entrust Durzel with Espelancer, lives on a small village on the mountain range, knows about Silver Dagger, Gueld, and happens to change the shape of Gueld's staff, then kept it until Chris is ready for pilgrimage? Seems that it's all just as planned! *insert Michel's trollface here*
Espelancer breaks ;__;. But it's understandable, since 56 years had passed since its creation and I doubt even Rare Metal can't be rusted. Now Lodi, you just broke the hopes of El Phildin and Weltluna, and you know what it means? You're the strongest party member of Gagharv Trilogy. Even stronger than MacBain, Forte, and Avin combined.

Jurio's dream becomes true....or is it? Hello again Torova! Long time no see!
And Grandpa Lap! We know that your plan is working as intended LOL.

And then, it's all over. Will Jurio and Chris succeeded to go to Another World? Not before they find Planetos X, the flying airship of which crew is consisted of: Rouca's grandson, Avin and Rutice's granddaughter who is the only girl on the ship, Forte and Una's grandson, Poppo's grandchicks, Michel's illegitimate descendants from random women because he's just that pimp, and bunch of angry Meefas! "The Legend of Heroes Gagharv Trilogy side-story: Because Reverse Harem is Just that Delicious!", folks.

(Well, this is gonna be longer than I thought)
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#17
Well, I want to continue my AToV commentaries, but I want to address something:

Is the "La-" prefix for group healing spells originated from Gagharv games? I think only AToV and PotMW have it, since SotO uses the "exactly what it says on tin" naming system.

Also, the illustrator for the PSP version's cover is the same one who did FC and SC's PSP cover, right? Chris' eye shape in the PotMW cover looks like Estelle's in FC cover.

And who's the character illustrator for the PSP version? I swear I saw the artstyle before. It's similar to Pangya/Albatross18 artsyle, but at the same time it's like Sora trilogy artstyle.

Is it just me or SotO Rouca's hairstyle looks like Archem's?

In the meantime, have some LOH series doodles! (SC and Ao spoilers alert)
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#18
Someone, anyone, please respond ;__;.
My sis, Guruda, floofy, Wyrd, zin, randomweirdo, pikachu, miyuki, freakin' Vegh, or anyone else!

Oh and should I continue my AToV commentaries with the old AToV format from the chat lounge thread, or the PotMW format from this thread?

Btw, just restarting my old SotO file. And....
- LOL everyone worried more about MacBain more than Forte. So the rumor about "MacBain is supposed to be the MC but scrapped because he's too old" is true after all.
- the normal encounter music sounds like it's belong to boss battle. So intense!
- Altos' song is the PotMW Shrine music! And Forte's is the song Torova plays! And congrats for the nominations!
- I love the musics so far.
- oh and anyone know the title of the music that plays in the title screen? I looked at YouTube and it's apparently a remix of "Leone Friedich Richter". But, is it true?
- now we must get the passport, right? Let's go!
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#19
As for the LA prefix for healing spells not sure see the .hack games also use the La Prefix for AOE/Group healing spells as well

User Info: rucchipunch

5 years ago#20
Let's continue!

I miss you, Tibri~. And LOL at Shannon's parents. They aren't give up yet, huh?

So, the important mushroom is in the cave where Syamseal Gang's HQ was, huh? Okay! Apparently, if you check the spot where Shannon was abducted, the party will comment about how many times had passed since then. Okay, just get the mushroom and outta from- SURPRISE ATTACK!
And you know what? The name of the purifying water is....Jenis. Remember the other thing with the same name in Kiseki series? Oh you Falcom.

Here y'are, Mile's daddy! Hope you get well soon! And let's go to Ourt because the vegetable become rare variants! And because the Nephys Shrine is there <_<.
Oh wait, there's "Resident Evil: Ourt" going on? Purifying Water, check. Invisibility spell, check. Tsundere Muse, check? And speaking about Hide spell, I think this is the only normal spell learned by story progress.

Why I'm reminded of SC here? I mean, the way, Mile forcing Avin to join The Apostles is similar to how Weissmann persuading Estelle to join Ouroboros. With promises to hang out together with your loved ones and whatnot. But either way, getting gangbanged by the villagers must be hurt, right?
Muse to the Rescue! Apparently Rutice steals the day again by splashing the water....and yes, very Weissmann indeed there, Bellias. So, let's backtrack all the way to Lookout Cottage!
Martie, as usual, read the books. Muse? Looking at the front. Rutice? Praying on the Old Man's grave. But as we know, let's head to the scarecrow before talk to Rutice. Because I'm Genre Savvy like that.
Like Muse said, Lemuras had weird tastes on humor, eh? Let's go to Nephys Shrine!

Earth, earth everywhere! Usually in JRPG, Earth is weak to Fire. So, Muse...SPAM SALAMANDER! Oh, Martie and Rutice learned Anti Magic and Flare Ghost along the way.
And they prove to be useful in Nephys fight. Because its spells HURT.
Well, we won. And yes, Nephys is always watching Avin's life since he first came to Ourt. Only one Sept- err, I mean Sacred Treasure remains!

But, how we go to Kanaphia? We're in the far far opposite side of it. Oh hello Gawaine. You cheater for not mentioning this method to us. I bet in Benequia, Lucias is facepalming right now. Either way, let's go to Valkdt!
Oh Avarice, don't worry about that. We're happy to execute you should Madram dies. And LOL @ Davis, he prays so hard he becomes a clergy now.
Buy some equips for everyone and now we're set to Brizahc!

THOMAS~! How much I miss you! Still hitting dem underage girls, eh? If Socie's is still a teenager, that is.
Oh and let's talk to the citizens! So, this is where Avarice was, eh? And that's why he had so much control over this region.
Oh you Karamus. It's the final volume, so don't give up! Apparently, the "it" sucks on playing hide-and-seek *facepalm*.
Arseil- er, Planetos, sail off!

Going by Rutice's info, The Apostles used pirates, but Gawaine and Planetos always in their way. So, Ramon confirmed for siding with The Apostles before?
Geography lesson time by Thomas! Hmm, why certain parts of his description of the world reminds me of Lost Heaven? The "no one can leave further, otherwise the sea will 'engulf' you" part.
Run away from the wave! Eh? What'cha doing here, Michel? And the funniest part is, everyone suspected him LOL. Now I know where this Michel/Thomas pairing came from....
Yeah, yeah. We knew that you're from Tirasweel. So, can you help us?

Stay tune for the next AToV misadventures later, because on my next post we'll have my SotO's Tuning Fork Fiesta aka STFF!
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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