My Gagharv Trilogy Playthrough - SPOILER FOR ALL LOH TITLES

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User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#41
La bump.

So I just know that the Michel in Alternative Saga is 38 years old, but he already created Kand and Chapel division and known as Great Sorcerer. That means he came back to Tirasweel shortly after visiting Isle of Witches in AG 945, which means he's 37 years old back then.
This makes me wonder: did Michel and Thomas stay in El Phildin before the events of SotO? Or were they in their way to Tirasweel (IIRC this is what happened in after-credits event) and stayed there for a while, and went back to El Phildin to pick Rouca, Avin, and Mile?
Because I feel bad for Elenoa and Rael, who had a promise with him to visit Sorcery School. Especially Elenoa, because I think Michel/Elenoa would make a cute couple. And Rael because I had suspicion that he is Warlock Geppeus from the books about Great Sorcerer Ortega.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me
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User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#43
Okay, now I just use a short commentaries because I'm too lazy.
Currently at Bozerl, and in process on mining in the Quarries.
Previously we have:
A lecture from the headmaster that students are the real treasure of a school. Which I found touching, since nowadays schools don't value their students so much.
Swing Gang being jerks (as usual). And being an easy fight. At least Shamsir Gang (yes it's actually "Shamsir") was hired by Apostles of Octum to do bad things, so they're not really bad guys.
F-yeah healing spells!
Meet Altos the Joshua-if-he-chose-to-be-a-baker. And why he's so pretty? Must be running in genes.
Judging by the description, I want to eat Altos-Special breads....sorry, I'm just THAT kind of Big Eater.
Meet the Maybelle look-a-like Ms. Ruphtya. Judging by a Japanese SotO liveblog I read, she's gonna be a bro with fake Slade aka my husbando Thomas~.
Okay, so we have to help the miners! To Quarry!!
I chose Una to solo Boss Dunk. And oh my how she gracefully stomps him.
If you think Ragnarok Online doesn't have an actual storyline, you're DEAD WRONG. - me

User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#44

You know, I'm actually think that besides the obvious SotO references and slightly subtle AToV ones in Nayuta, there's a really obscure PotMW one besides Creha-Gueld similarities.
The sympathetic villains who did all of these for their world's sake by making ours suffer, complete with red sky background near the end of the game. And the true final boss is someone we don't want to fight but must be defeated before it's too late.
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User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#45
Let's go!

- Currently chasing Uto to Envorin. Forte is level 15 while everyone else is 14.

- mint candies save the day FTW! What's with this game's obsession with putting our heroes into sleep!?

- Swing Gang!!!!! ;_; Okay, I try to make a Haiku about them:
So that's the truth about them
Bunch of lonely comrades without home
The eldest bro calmed them down
With a melody that strange stone don
A mysterious guy told them all
"Collect the stones, that's your goal"
Blindly they follow, whole region suffer
Disguising as troubadours, a violation is in order
Making the musicians lost their job
That's how they do the rob
But now they are born anew
By those meddling kids they barely knew
As miners they atone
Their story began and ends with a stone!

- as I progress, more and more remixed JDK goodness are heard. Did I mention how much I loved the boss battle theme?

- apparently Altos' and Forte's Jump Rush has different quotes. Forte's is "I train with a sword, too! Jump Rush!", whereas Altos' is "I know how to use a sword! Jump Rush!". Both indicate that aside from being troubadours (and a baker in Altos' case), they know how to defend themselves. D'awww.

- Doll Knight 6, get-to~! Why Pedro is such a dork? And the plot thickens...

- there's this kid by the name's Uto who is said to be even more crybaby than Jurio. And don't cope your feelings, kiddo. We know you're a crybaby.

- let's save the Viscount! And "Perseverance" Stone get-to~! But Uto, that's not how you follow the "promise between men". But whatever, let's chase him!
Oh, a Tuning Fork~!


STFF #6:
- Character(s) get: DaguRuki aka Lightning Douglas and Sapphire Eyes Lucias~!
- scenario(s) unlocked : the Scotia Shrine of DaguRuki Ship Teases!
- I'm being cheap by equipping Noise Bell to give me preemptive strikes. Also, cheating through Scotia by using Wind Charm is worth it LOL.
- loving the original track for El Phildin Spirits' boss battle. Dat synth.


Maybe Guruda already know, but FYI it's almost confirmed that Avin is happily married with Rutice by the time of SotO. Rouca's entry in "recurring things" section within Gagharv Trilogy Memorial Book openly stated that Avin is his "brother-in-law....?". The question mark might indicate that this is a joke, but then that sentence is really out of place in terms of context discussed in the entry....

Also, the pianist who played the Water Melody for Jurio and Chris in Oldos' Great Cathedral is really Forte. His entry in "recurring things" section I mentioned above even lampshades how he's so similar to his grandpa now LOL.

And neat things I noticed in PSP port of SotO : if you let your game going, multiple running Fortes will serve as a screensaver. And if you let it longer, the game will read your currently owned Doll Knight books!
- Official Drossel K. Schall of every Tales of boards -
Falcom husbandos are the best husbandos~

User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#46
Currently handling the Mooth (is it a play of "mute"?) problem. Forte is level 16 while everyone else is 15.

So, using the short commentaries, I'll quickly describe my misadventures:
- two birds with one stone~! Not only saving Uto, we also defeat those pesky monsters which disturb Pensola's safety~! Hmm, this "Rish" person sounds like a jerk. Let the delivery begin~!
- luckily I followed snkupo's walkthrough like a crazy. One step forward and I could have missed Doll Knight 7 and a Spare Key.
- And....arrived at Evorin, at last! Oh wait, a fat man and a lady.....? Geez, who could they be? *sarcasm mode ON*
- as expected from the bumbling father-daughter pair. LOL when they're dissed by the audience, ESPECIALLY Shao. His only fan is a little girl LOL.
- Una, you just said it. And it'll sure backfire you all. LOL when Jan and Rachel reluctantly followed their companions in a chase.
- no Altos NO! Well, at least I have a copy of you with your current equipment waiting in STFF.
- the Duke is a real jerk. Must be Rish's influence.
- but how we can get through? Let's backtrack to Dogarna! And I just noticed that there's an Egool fangirl on the tavern LOL. Luckily after the scene with Viscount, we have a free teleport to Evorin.
- PAA-FO-MEN-TO~! Liking the song though. Also, I quite like how MacBain always lecturing Forte and Una after every performance, to reflect what they've done and how it'll affect their career as troubadours.
- okay, let's go to Mooth! But before, there's this hilarious exchange between Una and an NPC:
Kanuck: Your performance was really awesome! One piece of advice I can give to you is that you need a sexy woman.
Una: Needs a sexy woman.....
Una: *dissapointed*
Kanuck: Oh, it's only a joke. You were pretty enough to draw the crowd's attention.
Kanuck: Um, your piccolo was lovely, too.
Una: *with angry expression* It's too late to offer compliments.

- with MacBain's mighty Rock Crusher, shall we open the secret cave, and a wild Tuning Fork appears!
- Mooth is quite living up to its name, eh? It's really quite, and the people are in poverty. Oh, is that the girl who was busy packing back in Evorin? And hey, that sailor again! And what's it with Rish and corrupting the people's needs!? And Una, this is all your fault.
- to reply Grandpa Goset's statement: yes, yes you should. The faster 'he' appears, the better. For you people to be free from your torment and for me as 'his' fangirl.
- Doll Knight 8 get-to~! Hmmm, the Harlequin is an assassin in red with playful nature. Gee, I wonder what series of books Renne and Campanella often refer to, eh?
- backtracking ALL DA WAY to Evorin! And Altos, when will you join us again?
- yay the Duke heard us! Let's GO!


- Character(s) get-to : the Wildcat Bandits aka Shirla and Goose! What's up with their hiding place? LOL
- please refresh my memory: Denken the guardian of Oldos' Magic Mirror, right?
- I quite like the fact that we get Karamus orbs thorough Lucias. As expected from the wacky novelist and his greatest hits novel's role model LOL.
- I forgot if I've mentioned it in my previous post, but apparently Douglas and Lucias' Deathblow is renamed as "Saintly Blow" EVEN THOUGH they still yell "Sword Wind!" in battle. Though I just noticed that Lucias' has more hits than Douglas'. I take it that Anelace's version is Douglas' at first, but the upgraded version from The 3rd is Lucias'?


And I just noticed that all of the Hachiyo-Ittou users in LoH series have their name ended with "su" kana, except Richard. Dagurasu, Rukiasu, Anerasu, Ariosu, Kashiusu.....
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User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#47
Currently saving Elde from rogues. Forte is level 17, everyone else is 16.

I'm gonna make special posts about the Ryutom Island part which will be full of fangirlgasm and spoilers from The 3rd and Zero/Ao. You know why I'm talking like that. So I'll skip that part first and go straight to Polka/Edel part.

So, where are we left off, again?
- yay! The Duke praised us! Hey MacBain, you should just take the money! Oh wait, it kinda serves as a secret character test, to determine whether he's affected by the music or not.

- so that's where it all began for the Duke: a marble tournament. And Uncle Edger was badass with marbles back then. But hey, that's cheating! The unfocused and ridden by guilt Duke was an easy target because of that.
But now that he realized his mistakes, he cuts his ties to Rish! Oh and we get a musical score too! Long time no see, musical score~

- Stone of Technique, get-to~! Uncle Edger being strange and start to babbling about stuffs no ordinary people should knew. I'm already know why, but still.

- now let's catch Altos, to Mooth! And he rejoins, yay!

- Ms. Ruphtya is badass. 'Nuff said.

- the pirates are pansies -_-". And I just learned a trick to do Ensembles thanks to them. The effects are kinda cool. I'm gonna get Forte Stone of Wind just because Water+Wind=Ice, though.

- aaargh Altos, why don't you join us!? Oh wait, if he joined MacBain Co. won't win the prize. Also, he's gonna do fluffy bread stuffs first.

- seems like there's a conspiracy in Ryutom Island. But hey, why don't we relax first and try the new musical score?
Wait. The captain said that Ryutom Island was attacked by pirates. PIRATES!? BARON RAMOOOOON!!!!

*flash forward to Polka/Elde*

- ahaha Cyrano, still don't give up yet, eh? That's what happen if your instrument of choice is a freakin' pansy triangle.

- compared to Pensola and Greysul's roads, Tical Road is a breath in fresh air...oh wait, there's someone needs to be saved!

- which turns out to be...the real Slade. But the fake Slade is so much better than this big eater! *fangirl bias and a half truth LOL*

- let's continue our journey! Oh hey, a Tuning Fork!


STFF #8:
- all of Shirla's and Lucias' orbs are obtained.
- scenario(s) unlocked: the Idun Shrine of Harem Avin and Shotrap Prodigies!
- I take it that some Sonomemories are the tracks which never appears in PSP version, but are in PC version? Because there are some tracks which use the guitar-like synth effects like the PC version of the games.
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User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#48
Despite their flaws, I love Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch and Song of the Ocean. I can't stand A Tear of Vermilion, though. The dialogue is gibberish half of the time, there is no way to speed up the battles, and around 75% of the game is spent backtracking. It's a shame.
"Dyin' is easy. It's the livin' that's hard..." Grim Reaper, Maximo vs. The Army of Zin

User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#49
Yeah, in AToV you can't speed up the battle, but they flow rather smoothly than the other two. SotO is pretty bad with lag issues from what I've experienced so far.

As for backtracking, well, you would hate SC for that if FC and SC were one. For the almost exact same reasons. Except in SC you'll backtrack twice even if there's a good explanation for that.
Yeah I went there. If you follow my Gagharv Trilogy playthrough from the very start, aka from the "Spoilerrific Series Chat Lounge #3" thread, you'll notice how much I compare AToV's story from those of FC and SC (with an extra The 3rd and Ao here and there).

Sky duology is pretty much AToV with more lolis, guild works, technobabbles and mechas, politics, DRAMA, and TEXT LENGTH; but with less religion wars, magical stuffs, siscon (well, Agate and to lesser extent Joshua have this issue...but not in Avin's level of siscon), homosexual undertones (but then there's Olivie-*Requiem Hearts'd*), and cliffhangers. Although I admit AToV's post-credit event with Thomas and Michel feels like a cliffhanger leading to SotO, but not to the level of that of FC's.

And do I need to tell you that most of the current Falcom staffs to a varying degree are Gagharv Trilogy fans? The current CEO is a PotMW fanboy, for example.

Oh and please wait for my Ryutom Island Special Commentaries for a while. I'm writing the basic outline right now, and replaying Zero's Michelam section for comparison's sake.
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Falcom husbandos are the best husbandos~

User Info: rucchipunch

4 years ago#50
And as the final post of this page, I'll say this again:

This trilogy is worth playing for the story and characters alone. Trails fans who are bored waiting for SC can play these games to kill time. And for millionth time I've said this, by the time you've finished AToV, through a simple character associations you can almost spoil the plot of SC. Key word here: almost >=D

Characters are superb, despite most of them being outshone by the MCs. In the PSP version you can experience a less paranoid version of "Kiseki Paranoia" (aka "suspect everyone with portraits").
Fangirl bias here, but Captain Thomas aka Roule is mai husbando. An ordinary sailor turned gambling-addict pirate who fights for LOVE and JUSTICE turned gambling-addict grandpa who often worries his grandson, and very good-looking to boot? Sorry, I think I might die in fangirlgasm.

PSP version of SotO is pure fanservice for those who've played the previous two games. Two words: Tuning. Forks.
Speaking of PSP SotO, it has the best gameplay of the trilogy. Tuning Forks' special scenarios, customizing magic by equipping magical stones (does this sounds familiar to you? Hmm?), in-battle party swapping, combining offensive magic for greater effect, treasure chests with more than one item inside....

Despite taking slow starts, PotMW really pays off with its humors. Wildcat Bandits' and Uncle Huck's antics are just too funny. Or Chris' sarcastic comments. Or Stella asking for permissions to throw her bombs whenever there are obstacles.
Though it gets really intense by the start of Chapter 6.

Ignore the bad translations. You can justified it by pretending Avin's entire vocabulary only consists of "EIMELLE!" and "MILE!", Jurio can't spell words properly, and Forte can only read musical notations.


My Ryutom Island Special Report is almost finished. Please wait for a while~
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Falcom husbandos are the best husbandos~
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