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User Info: yangxu

5 years ago#1
No magazine scan yet.
Priced at 3990 yen, release date: Dec. 13.

They better include a full voice track for the main plot, 'cause the PC version could grind it to dust if it's just an HD upscale.

User Info: PrimePikachu

5 years ago#2
This is certainly interesting news.

Before anyone brings it up, localizing it would be probably not be worth it in the least since FC would do even worse on a currently living console than it did on a PSP on life support.

User Info: randomweirdo

5 years ago#3
You know, it's funny that I said SC coming to PS3 in English was likely the only thing that would convince me to buy one some time back. And that was meant as a complete joke because yeah, I want SC enough to get it no matter what it comes out on, but I hate the PS3 with an immense passion and doubted that would ever happen.

Dang it, Falcom, don't make me eat my words on that. Though at least if that did happen and even if XSEED localizes it, we'd likely get the PC version as well and I'd only buy PS3 if it was the only version that existed.

User Info: PrimePikachu

5 years ago#4
Here's a link by the way.

User Info: zinformant

5 years ago#5
This is certainly an interesting development. Personally, I like my handhelds and think the games look wonderful as-is. How would (err, will) HD improve on the experience? But, this sets an interesting precedent, assuming more HD rereleases may happen.

PrimePikachu posted...
This is certainly interesting news.

I totally didn't write the same thing...
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For more info:

User Info: Guruda

5 years ago#6
My guess is that the end result will be the PSP game in terms of content but looking like the PC version graphically. Of course, should they feel like adding tangible extras and go on to similarly do HD versions of SC and 3rd, there's some dummied out content just asking to be included.

Also, if this is being done internally by Falcom, I'll give you great odds that the long-expected multiplatform version of Ys Seven sees the light of day on the PS3 if it ever happens.

User Info: Hours_Left

5 years ago#7
Yet another way I hope XSEED takes advantage of to promote the series.

I'd buy it in an instant if it came to North America.
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User Info: Valkyreo

5 years ago#8

day 1 if it ever makes to europe!

User Info: SleepMaser

5 years ago#9
Guh, i hope XSEED didn't abandon PSP version of SC and moved to PS3 instead. I didn't have PS3....
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User Info: 21_21

5 years ago#10
Good thing about this should XSEED do this:

Upscaled, so obviously better looking
It's for PS 3, which is doing a lot better than PSP right now

Bad thing:

Price. Certainly more expensive than PSP version.

I'm still glad Falcom is doing this and hope XSEED takes the same route in localization.
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