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User Info: necromuncher

7 years ago#1
Necro was no longer amused, this girl was proving to be frustratingly resourceful but she still lacked the ability to do any real damage. With no time left to react, Necro plunged into the shadows with his weapons holy light still shining. In seconds all traces of Necro were gone his light snuffed out by the all consuming darkness. The ball of shadows hung in the air for a moment, entirely motionless before beginning to show signs of agitation from within. The ball was expanding, threatening to consume the arena, but before any damage could be done it contracted; collapsing upon itself leaving nothing behind. Necro had vanished, leaving Rena's projectile without a target.

For a moment, it seemed Necro had succumbed to Serres' desperate attack, leaving Zayl to fight the two fierce women alone. They were closing in, and attempting to overwhelm Zayl a goal which couldn't be too far off if things continued as they were. Then, almost as suddenly as Necro had vanished ripples appeared in the air, slowly spreading outward creating a very noticeable dark rift in the air. With an almost inhuman screech, Necro erupted from this rip in space covered from head to toe in a dark black substance seemingly infinite in its depth. Closest to him was the largest energy signature he could find, the one given off by Rena.

Necro seemed to have reverted to a primal state, his breath came in quick gasps and his eyes had a fierce tone about them like a feral beast. The ground around his feet was being dyed black by the corrupted substance that ran off of his body with no end in sight. This horrifying spectacle could only be enjoyed momentarily however, as Necro was mobile in less than a seconds time. As opposed to his usual charge forward, Necro sprang upward; his hands grasping seemingly non existent niches materialized from the dark energies flowing across him vanishing as quickly as they appeared once they left Necro's hands.

It would be a given that Rena knew he was coming with such a grand entrance and the vast amounts of energy he was producing Necro was certain of this and he moved quickly to match her reaction speed. With one massive leap forward, Necro let himself loose upon Rena throwing himself feet first toward the armored destroyer, twisting his body to meet Rena's upper body with his heel first; the dark forces forming a savage blade at the forefront of his fierce rush maintaining a healthy distance between himself and Rena.
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