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User Info: necromuncher

7 years ago#1
A look to the skies reveals to most a field of stars stretching into infinity beyond comprehension but admired by all since the dawn of time. Rarely do we consider what lies beyond the shimmering beauty of that night sky; into the shattered remains and silenced screams of those forsaken by ignorant gods theirs prayers unanswered hanging in the void.

It cannot be considered the fault of the gods that these things occur. If someone, or something was brought into their grand design unbeknownst to them they would be powerless to stop it should it will to destroy. With motives unclear and a path without any true purpose such a being wandered this plane; annihlation in its wake. He had been held prisoner for a time, his existence a threat to all we know and hold to be the laws of nature but this could not last indefinitely and his escape was certain after eons of captivity and to the few aware of him he was known simply as "The Prisoner."

Amid the ruins of a shattered civilization he sat, his ashen skin and dirty gray hair contrasting the blood red scars adorning his body, each one pulsing with energy. Bathed in the light of a dying star, the remains appearing almost as if they were covered in the blood of the lost souls who still lingered in this place, billions of spirits crying out for retribution which would never come. The ruins were still held in loose orbit around the star but this alone would be insufficient. In the void there shot massive arcs of crimson energy, bolts of lightning hurtling about haphazardly to maintain some semblance of order amid the chaos.

Despite his normally unpredictable actions this one seemed to serve some higher motive, across the universe this forgotten place was a bloody star shining in the heavens, a beacon calling to any who understood the call. The hunt was on, but for what or whom none could be certain.

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