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User Info: necromuncher

7 years ago#1
"The years no longer have numbers, there have been too many to count. They have names though, I need to chronicle the passage of time and record their events somehow. There was... the beginning of course. The next segment was the longest, it was the median. Human history is written here so there's not much to be said. After that though..." He pauses, obviously troubled by the memory. "They called it war, I call it The New Beginning or at least I thought it would be and the name stuck even after I realized the truth. Then there was The Fall, which was followed as always by The Winter. I suppose that was the last time anything followed a set of clearly defined 'rules.'

Eventually, The Winter gave way and brought forth a new era, I could never imagine a title to accurately fit those days... for my own posterity I simply call it Darkness. That was the worst era, and when it finally reached it's end all that remained could be merely be defined as exactly that, The End."

He averts his eyes, readjusting to the light of the sun that flowed through the dilapidated ceiling of his newest settlement. The recollection of this dead world's sordid past was all that remained for him, it would take time and maybe that passage would bring about a renewal but such an event seemed doubtful anymore. Maybe somebody would find this chronicle and manage to save their own world... perhaps he was just wasting his time while he awaited his own end along with that of this lonely sphere.

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