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User Info: GreenLantern173

9 years ago#1
for working on the FAQ for this game. I've finished it (except the Flash vs Zoom mini-game) but I don't have the time to try to do an FAQ myself.

User Info: ffmasterjose

9 years ago#2
No thanks is needed man, that's why we write FAQs. I'm actually surprised the game went almost two full years without a guide for it. Even though the RPG elements are slightly bare-bones, those types of games usually get covered pretty fast. Especially games related to popular comic book characters.

It is definitely more time-consuming than I thought it would be. My first playthrough only took a couple of hours tops. But then when I played it while writing the FAQ I saw myself spending three hours just on one section o_0. Got two more levels written up and if SBAllen gets to submissions today, it should be posted before the day is done.

Flash vs. Zoom is such a pain in the rear >_<
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