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User Info: CluCluShoes

8 years ago#1
What was the best name you ever gave to one of your monsters that made you smile inside afterward?
I felt a justice was due to the world to immediately name my Hacksaurus HAKZOR!.
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User Info: milkman2002

8 years ago#2

I never had one. I try to name monsters their appropriate name, but I might try that sometime...

User Info: zhengie

8 years ago#3
dunno forgot played long time ago just restarted

User Info: themegaman7

8 years ago#4
I named my mummy boy Ramses II
Brawl: 1289-9663-3387

User Info: Mak_the_Attack

8 years ago#5
Killing Machine: MrRoboto (Domo arigato! :P)
Riptide: G.Ranger (Green Ranger)
Dhoulmagus: P. Ranger (Purple Ranger)
Atlas: Y.Ranger (Yellow Ranger. Those three are my powerhouse team)
Psaro: The Czar
Dr Snapped: Ginger (Get it? Ginger Snapped?)
Orc: Bork
Heligator: Crocog8r
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Luigi, Captain Falcon, Zelda, Dedede, Lucas. IN THAT ORDER.
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