what do all the stats do?

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User Info: spyder_martin

9 years ago#1
i havent found an explination or description of them, so id just like to know exactly what each of them do
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User Info: evildarknight

9 years ago#2
Luck and Charisma help you get a better chance of shrinking your enemy if you have prince/king/emperor Linus

Luck also helps you have an increase in a roll

Endurace give you more health(forgot how much for each point)

Int. same as above except for magic points

Strength give you a boost in strength >_> meaning you can do more damage

Dex. helps increase your chance to evade attacks
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User Info: ryukatana_marty

9 years ago#3
Sounds right, except dex,,
I'm sure that it adds damage to Ranged attacks and Int raises Magic attacks damage..

So far End is the only Defensive stat, Dex has no effect on evasion. At least according to the forums.
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User Info: 0onimusha0

9 years ago#4
Luck = Adds an extremely small amount to all skills. Adds to rolls, the ray, attacking first, and critical hits.

Strength = It adds W. Atk, and damage with melee weapons. Mainly for warriors.

Intellect = It adds M. Atk and damage with magic skills or attacking with staffs, anything that does magic damage. Also increases MP by like 5 or 10.

Endurance = Increases Defense from melee attacks and/or range and magic attacks. Also increased HP by 5 Points per End Point.

Dexterity = It adds to R. Atk, and damage with ranged or dagger-like weapons. Also causes the enemy to have less Accuracy, meaning he misses more. Also gives you more Accuracy so you hit alot more.

Charisma = This adds to the pet damage. Making it have more Accuracy, Attack more (A full CHA means pretty much attack all the time) often, higher damage (Not above there set damage but instead of normally doing there min damage, they will do alot higher to there max damage) a few more crits to. Mabye they would do there special skills a bit more.


INT = Mages (And a few points for rogues, NEVER FOR WARRIORS)
STR = Warriors and Rogues (Mainly for Warriors, i suggest you max this out for rogues to)
DEX = For Rogues, and warriors (Mainly for rogues, its for warriors so you can hit them and make sure they won't block)
CHA = For all classes. This I suggest you do for most classes if you like having a good pet.
LCK = Mages, mainly for mages but I suggest you put some for warriors and rogues.
END = All classes, very good skill!

Heres a skill point variation for classes.

Max out END and STR
Half/Half for DEX (Or CHA)and LUK

Max out INT and LUK
Half/Half for CHA And END

Max out STR and END
Half/Half for DEX (Or CHA) and LUK

You could do DEX but I suggest you do half in CHA and LUK, the CHA will help the pets damage so that in the long run the misses you get from DEX or overdone by the damage from pets.

Also, you should ALWAYS do half in LUK. Mainly because it adds to your Damage, Accuracy, Avoidability, ETC. Meaning that it does a little of the DEX skill so you can have alot less misses.

In the end heres how it goes!

Warriors = 40 END, 40 STR, 20 LUK, Rest into CHA
Mages = 40 INT, 40 LUK, 20 END (Or CHA), Rest in CHA (Or END)
Rogues = 40 STR, 40 END, 20 CHA, Rest into LUK

I suggest the END for Mages for the extra HP Boost.
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