Whoever ported this should be slapped.

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User Info: FreezinIceKirby

8 years ago#1
I wanted to give X7 another chance, so I decided to play the PC port with the english patch (text only) so I could understand what was going on.

And wow, this a half-assed port of the PS2 version.

-No option to change resolution or enter "Windowed" mode
-No gamepad support
-Graphics were dumbed down
-Slowdowns in the most unusual places

There is also an English patch for the voices, but the voices are only changed for the stages. The movie scenes and the "clipart" cutscenes will stay Japanese regardless.

And it might of been my imagination, but some controls felt unresponsive. I'd charge X's X-Buster, and let go of the button for him to fire... well, instead sometimes he'd charge up, I'd let go of the button... and nothing would happen. The light around him (letting you know he's "Charging") disappears and I have to begin charging again.

Pass on this port >_>
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

8 years ago#2
I did the same thing you did, I wanted to play this game again since I don't have a PS2 anymore, so I decided to try out the PC version, and yeah they need to be slapped for even releasing this. I also didn't like that you couldn't use a gamepad because playing a 3D such as this on a keyboard is hell. The slowdowns are annoying especially on the Airship stage because it's slow throughout the whole level except for the boss battle.

The controls for me are utterly unresponsive, like when trying to charge while moving and jumping is impossible for me, and I mean it is IMPOSSIBLE; when X is charging and I'm trying to jump, he won't jump; and this is horrid for some of the boss fights. For some reason playing as X causes some slowdowns in levels that wouldn't normally have it if I was either Zero or Axl. I'm glad that they ported it though since X7 was one of my favorite X games right along with X5.

Btw I'm stuck at Red and he's beating me down. It's too hard to move around while trying to dodge attacks since I keep falling off the stage to unresponsive jumping. >_>
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  3. Whoever ported this should be slapped.

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