Best rotk game?

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User Info: twopoundcow

8 years ago#1
Basically just looking for a new one to check out.
I own this one, and seven.
I've played six, and eight, but I don't remember much. Which one's are worth checking out?
Can be anyone, from the original to the newest ones.
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User Info: BorgCoitus

8 years ago#2
IV and IX.

IV is class SNES awesomeness. IX is great, and my personal favorite of the series.

X is also enjoyable, if you're into the RPG themed releases.
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User Info: Master Fu Xi

Master Fu Xi
8 years ago#3
IX, then VIII.

Don't touch X
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User Info: the_old_days

8 years ago#4
VII, X, VIII, XI. IX (favorite to least favorite)

To be fair, the more I play XI, the more I like it. It's been a at least five years since I've played IX, so now that I'm more favorable to the sort of "rts" Rot3k style, maybe I should give IX another playthrough.

I'm just a much bigger fan of loaded battle screens then everything happening on the overmap.

VII is my favorite because it has hands down, without a doubt, the best battle system of the series.

User Info: Chao_Yun

8 years ago#5
I-great, especially for its time.
II-a crappy spin-off
III-I don't remember it
iV-you could win with one general, but at least it saved abilities
V-didn't like the graphics, but otherwise interesting
VI-only available in Japan iirc, but I liked the use of formations. It also didn't necessarily make it easy just because you reduced an opponent to one state.
VII-rpg flavor, nice combat elements
VIII-improved rpg flavor, but combat suffered a bit
IX- all combat, and holding castles meant nothing (my biggest gripe)
X- best rpg, but probably worst from a combat perspective
XI- my personal favorite. Light on the rpg (unfortunately), but best use of terrain/tactics
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User Info: BigBear108

8 years ago#6
It depends on which style you like. If you like "Control an individual" then in my opinion VII is the best for that. For the "Control a force" then XI is the best.
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User Info: airharty

8 years ago#7
As you can probably see by peoples posts, there is no "best". Everyone has an opinion. You are best trying them, perhaps renting unless you can get them for cheap. I personally find 8 and X to be fun for about an hour at time, then they get too micro managed. I thought IX was a pos. It was not fun at all. Zero fun. XI is the funnest for me, but it may not be for everyone. Just like all of them, repetition does set in after a few cities. I think it is the best battle system of the series. Just try the games and see which one(s) fit you the best

User Info: spanky1

8 years ago#8
My vote is for 7. It has the best balance of RPG and battle. It's not too sluggish, and also has the best music, I think.
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User Info: keenankhan

8 years ago#9
I love X and XI. X is good to try out different ways of living during the peroid and XI is great for their battles and terrain.
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User Info: epaacccc

8 years ago#10
there is no best rotk game. All has its weaknesses
VII - limited AP so you cant control most of the things when you have many territories, times flies too fast.
VIII - irritating siege battles when there is gates involved. AI tend to field all generals including those with poor war stat and dividing the troops equally based on their rank rather than their status. This is unrealistic as officer ranks carry over and you cant demote ranks of poor stat officers that joins you(eg. wang yun)
XI - Irritating and unrealistic 300000 foreign tribes, boring when you have most of the map
X - worst rotk ever, most unrealistic. Machine gun marksman in towers directed by warlords skill. You know what i mean.
XI - need a lot of micromanagement due to stupid viceroys. Gold and food system i think should be like IX where all is combined together, just an opinion, transporting is troublesome, coupled with limitations of how much troops, gold, food a base can hold

None of rotk game play as good as nobunaga ambition iron triangle i think

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