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User Info: taydor_b

6 years ago#1
There are so many names in these games that I have no clue on how to pronounce. Is there a guide or something that tells how to say each person's name or just the more popular people?

User Info: Planescaped

6 years ago#2
All Mandarin pronunciation, spelled phonetically.

Cao Cao- Tsao Tsao

Sun Quan- Soon Chu-an

Liu Bei- Lee-ou(as in you) Bay

Guan Yu- Guan Yu I believe Cantonese is Kwan Yu

Zhang Fei- Zhang Fay

Xu Huang- Shoo Hu-Ang

Yu Jin- You Gene(as in DNA Gene)

Yue Jin You-ay Gene

Yuan Shao- You-on Sh-ao

Zhao Yun- Z-hao Yoon

Zhou Yu- Z-Hoe(as in the farming tool) You

Sima Yi- See Ma Yee

Zhuge Liang- Zhu-gay-lee-ang

Jiang Wei- Gee-Ang Way

Deng Ai- Dung I

Lu Bu- Loo Boo

Sun Shang Xiang- Soon Sh-Ang She-Ang

any other specific ones?
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User Info: zenandi

6 years ago#3
Sima Yi's 'si' is not 'see'.

"Si" is more like speaking an 's' sound out loud on its own.

Lu Bu's Lu... is definitely not Loo. Try saying the French Louis. (as in Loo-e) in a single syllable for a closer match.

Zhuge Liang-

Zhuge is 'Jew'-'ger'. 'ger' as in mug(ger)

User Info: xTKx

6 years ago#4
I like COW COW best.

User Info: destroyer_ck

6 years ago#5
Well, i don't know in english.
But i know that Liu Bei is not like that

The Bei is spelled as Pay.

In Mandarin
B -> P
P -> Ph

G -> K
K -> Kh

so Zhuge Liang = .......... i don't know what's equivalent with 'ke' in mandarin for english. lol

Lu Bu = Loo Poo.
Yes the same as lo in louis. I don't know if they're different. Native should understand more than me.
But, since i'm Chinese, i understand how the letter works, but not the spell. lol.
I'm Chinese, but not live in RRC or PRC, or any main Chinese language country.
And my parents didn't teach me.
old games players. school rumble and kojikan forever

User Info: Master Fu Xi

Master Fu Xi
6 years ago#6
But i know that Liu Bei is not like that

Yes it is. It's standard pinyin. Look it up.

Don't revert to that crappy Wade-Giles system like you're probably thinking of.

User Info: destroyer_ck

6 years ago#7
I don't mistaken it with the wage Giles version.
That's what actually be said if you spell it in Chinese.
The letter 'b' is spelled as 'p'
At least, i've learn the basic.

If you watch, battle of red cliff or three kingdoms : resurrection of the dragon movie, you'll understand what i mean.
They use Pin Yin and spell the name just like i said.
old games players. school rumble and kojikan forever

User Info: Master Fu Xi

Master Fu Xi
6 years ago#8

From: | #007
The letter 'b' is spelled as 'p'

No. It's not.

From: | #007
spell the name just like i said.

aka, incorrectly.

And also, if it WAS spelled Liu Pei, it would be in wikipedia because all articles of anything Chinese must follow Pinyin.
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User Info: destroyer_ck

6 years ago#9
I think we don't get each other here.

I get your point.

LIU BEI is correct. It's Pin Yin.
But, that's how it's WRITTEN.
If you speak it in english, the'B' letter should be pronounce as 'P'
But, i think my problem here is, i don't really know how to pronounce it in english.

In my language, i can say to replace the 'B' with 'P'

so in Liu Bei case, it should be pronounce as 'pay' ( i don't know how to spell Liu in english)

Well, at least that's how i'm taught when i learn the basic.
The same goes for Beijing. the 'Bei' here is spell just like Liu Bei (probably different letter).

But, i think most western source will call it just like 'bay', which is (from my basic point of view) incorrect.

No offense here, just want to clarify.
old games players. school rumble and kojikan forever

User Info: grizzli3

6 years ago#10
chinese person spelled Lu Bu as Lee Pu, same as Lu Su, Lee Su.

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