EZI Worshipper - Still obtainable after selling item!

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User Info: dn604

7 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

Just a comment on the EZI Worshipper achievement.

It wasn't until Chapter 7, when I was going to start heading back through the zones to pick up the Score Pieces and EZI items that I noticed I had accidentally SOLD the EZI Pajamas that show up in the Armor tab.

I quickly jumped on a few sites and googled, while I didn't find too much solid information, I find a few comments saying you needed to have them ALL in your inventory.

I'm glad I decided to continue on and pick up the rest of the achievements before going back SIX hours.

I'm happy to report, that after I picked up the last EZI item the achievement popped anyways.

I'm not sure if this means that you just can collect them and then sell them right away, but I do know that I sold my EZI Pajamas, that was the only one NOT in my inventory and the achievement still popped.

Hope this helps someone!

XBL GT: dn604

User Info: bubbaX

7 years ago#2
O this is a good topic handy for the search feature if people need to look back on this! Thanks :)
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  3. EZI Worshipper - Still obtainable after selling item!

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