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User Info: Relle

7 years ago#1
Yeah, there's a FAQ, but let's face it, me and anyone just getting into the game won't know how to make heads or tails of the directions. So, here's a map to help out anyone and everyone. Note: I did not make this map. Just making it publically available.
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User Info: TyVulpine

7 years ago#2
Sweet! :3

User Info: Relle

7 years ago#3
After having gotten 91/100 with this map, I can say with authority that it would be a good idea to use it in conjuction with the text FAQ. The icons the map uses are fairly big, and the locations aren't exactly spot-on (a couple are downright misleading, but not inaccurate).
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User Info: cadillacactor

7 years ago#4
Sweet. Did you make this? This was a good help. Wish I'd had it about 5 playthroughs ago, though. :)
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User Info: Jallen9000

7 years ago#5
Cool, that would be really handy but I've long since forgotten about this game, the chances of me going back and getting all the film reels to look at clips from the movie I already own is next to nil.
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