Hacked TF2 Servers!?

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User Info: Mauls_Mentor

8 years ago#1
I was playing yesterday and apparantly the host hacked the server for low gravity. It wasnt just me it was everybody. You could jump so high that you almost hit the skybox and grenades had no arc. Needles flied forever ect...

So I have no idea WTF is going on. Have people started to hack TF2 for this stuff? Are there some telltale signs?
I saw that one topic where the guy spawned in the enemy base so I dont know if the problem is big or limited to only a few servers.
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User Info: Palantas

8 years ago#2
This sort of thing is not uncommon. It's only a "problem" if you don't feel like playing a low gravity game, in which case, find a different server.

User Info: B_st_rdZero

8 years ago#3
Low grav games are still technically fair, so I don't mind that. If someone glitches to take an advantage, I report them and quit immediately.

User Info: hamn

8 years ago#4
You already named the tell tale sign of a low grav server. Jump and figure it out.
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User Info: Chrono_Magnus

8 years ago#5
Are there some telltale signs?

XD. Gee, I don't know, maybe the fact you can jump 19 times higher than before?
Oh, and I hate you.
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User Info: Mauls_Mentor

8 years ago#6
Well, I didn't mean JUST LOWGRAV SERVERS!!!

I meant any servers with other glitches like that...
IE: I dont know if anyone has a server with say, Infinite metal or something...

Thanks for the replies, Didnt mean to be rude, but I kinda figured that people would assume I didnt just mean Low-Grav, I meant anything like that in the servers that have shown up.

btw Are they glitches or hacks? I'm a bit confused, Low-grav doesn't seem like something that would be a whole serverside glitch.
Argh! The truck have started to move!

User Info: LoonyPerson

8 years ago#7
I was playing in a low-grav server, but the host of the game was "Valve," though you couldn't see their profile or anything. They were invincible, could spawn items and do a bunch of ridiculous stuff, it was crazy.
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