Can you install/play Portal without steam?

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User Info: eclarkdog

9 years ago#1
I had no idea when I bought Portal today that I had to install Steam. In fact, the first thing it tries to do is install Steam and won't install the game. I can't stand STeam and don't want anything to do with it.

User Info: HeyDoYaThang

9 years ago#2
I can't stand steam either. Bought Orange Box and it was a nightmare trying to install the games. Instead of installing off the disk it wanted to download the games. Was unable to get the game running so we returned the game. Well didn't return it. Got a credit which we ended up using for a different game. Was thinking of getting Portal but didn't know it was out yet. Will not now that we know you have to install steam. No idea why we had so many problems with it. I know it is a very short game but sounds pretty humorous. Wanted to try it.

User Info: Crysack

9 years ago#3
There's absolutely nothing wrong with Steam....unless you're trying to pirate.

User Info: Anon8492

9 years ago#4
You can't install Portal (stand alone or Orange Box) without Steam. But there are other ways I'm probably not allowed to post here.

User Info: MetroidSuperfan

9 years ago#5
Just install Steam. I hate the blasted program too, but it'll just run quietly in the background and shouldn't bother you when you're not using it. And it is unfortunately required to install Portal.
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User Info: eclarkdog

9 years ago#6

Just updating here after having played Portal, which was extremely fun. I've never been into FPS games much at all. However, after playing Poral, I though I'd go ahead and try a steam download and see what all the fuss was over Half-Life 2. Well, first of all, I was impressed by how fast the games download on Steam. I have a very fast connection and usually purchase games off D2D. However, D2D has terrible download speeds and will do nothing about it. I downloaded HL2 at speeds up to 2MB/s. Anyway, I've already completed HL2 and Episode One. HL2 is truly and awesome game. I still don't consider myself an FPS convert, but I'll at least try some more games out.

As for Steam, I guess I'm just concerned about having this program running on my computer. I hope there are not any security issues.

User Info: DarCowAlways

9 years ago#7

When I first got the Orange Box, I didn't want to have Steam. But as I got used to it, I've found out just how awesome a service it is. For one thing, you never have to put discs in to play your games off it. It also, among other things, keep strack of achievements and records for you and your steam friends to see. And then there're friends themselves. You can join their games, see what they're playing, how long they have been, instantly chat with them, create your own groups... You get the idea.

The only way you won't like Steam is probably if you're pirating games or are concerned about it's bandwidth/CPU usage, which I've seen are pretty insignificant. So give Steam a chance, and don't return the Orange Box just because it runs off of Steam.

User Info: rayman_havoc

9 years ago#8
Its like XBL but on PC and not microsoft so instantly better
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User Info: CatToy

9 years ago#9
I have to add also that when I first installed Steam when it was released with HL2, I rather disliked it as well. It's since grown on me to the point where if theres a game I want, I first check to see if it's available on Steam.
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User Info: JimiMorrison187

9 years ago#10
It really isn't THAT bad, but I prefer not having to deal with it myself. Fortunately, you really only need to have steam online to verify/register your game once. After that you can have your games start in offline mode by playing with the Steam options. So in that sense it is really no different than registering any other game online when you first install it.
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