how to make a great house for your sim and pet!!!!!

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  3. how to make a great house for your sim and pet!!!!!

User Info: macaroni338

8 years ago#1
OK, start out buying using the gnome for 10k in simoleons, keep giving 10k until u reach the max ammount of cash. now, kick out the people living at the fireflylake house, and move in. the house is pre-built for everything except for the furniture. make the inside have the japanese panals for walls (inside walls ae the panels) leave the outside walls, repeat! leave the outside walls! put the panelled walls in every room of the house and add hard-wood flooring. add x-ray lights to every section of the house, about 2 or should do for each section. add expensive and kool looking furniture. but all the fitness, rocket, hot tubs and other kool backyard stuff in the back, add 4 fountains 2 the house, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. add many many many trees (williow, waple, and others) to the outside. make the place shaded. if you do it right, you should have he best frikkin house ever!!!!!!!

User Info: abler2005

8 years ago#2
Be careful when doing this; the game may not allow you to change the flooring or add other things or allow your aspirations to flip. It is a glitch that may occur after using cheat codes and glitches do happen even without using the cheat codes and so does game freeze.

But it does sound like a very nice house. Good luck with your game and have a good day!

User Info: gwar315

8 years ago#3
I have to say Abler. Id love for you to upload some pics of your houses or maybe some youtube vids of them. I bet there pretty cool.

User Info: tommybascue

8 years ago#4
I made a very good house from scratch, but there was a catch! The house had no walls, except for the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bedroom! I had a grill, a telescope, and pretty much everything possible! IT WAS FRIGGIN SWEET!

No thanks to the aliens that abduct me EVERY DAY!!!
Yo mama so stupid, she locked herself inside the house!!!

User Info: abler2005

8 years ago#5
Sorry gwar, I cannot do that because all mine are now on drafting paper and stored away for future use. But I bet yours are just as good or even better. ;}

As for the other poster; it sounds like Pixel Acres from the Sims Bustin Out nudist colony/ campgrounds. Interesting; but if you are not careful the burglar will steal your goods and then you will have to beat em up till the cops arrive.
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  3. how to make a great house for your sim and pet!!!!!

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