Xlink Kai Setup Guide for Dummies (Now with Pictures!)

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User Info: Erranty

8 years ago#1
First Steps:
1. Install the latest verion of Xlink Kai from http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/
2. Install a Wireless LAN Configuration Tool Plus http://www.driverdownload168.com/DriverDownload/GNDSLITEAD01.zip
3. Connect your 802.11g Wireless Adapter it it's not already connected.

Now here are the IMPORTANT steps you need to follow.

First, start the Kai Engine. Then right click the logo at teh bottom right of your screen and click "Configuration".

Now, make sure to set EVERYTHING exactly as the following picture shows, except putting in your own Username and Password.


Now save then close the window.
Step 2
Go into your router's settings (if you can't you won't be able to use Kai) and go into the "Port Forwarding" Section.

Add 2 aplications: XlinkK1 and kaiUI (or whatever you named the UI as in step 1) and Set their Port ranges to
Start: 0,
End: 30000,
Protocol: BOTH,
IP Address to what your computer's IP address is (You can find this out in your Connection settings).
And Enable it.


(Different Routers WILL vary on internal layout)
Turn on your PSP and enter the online Guild hall. This will keep a steady connection for later, which you'll need.
Open your Wireless LAN Configuration Tool Plus by double clicking it's logo in the bottom right of the screen.

Make sure its MODE is set to STATION, and the Network Adapter is the 802.11g Wireless Adapter you have.

Click the Refresh Button.

Now click the Available Network with an SSID that starts with "PSP_" and then click "Connect This Site"

Now click "More Setting..."

Click "Change"

Now set the "Channel" to 1.
Un-chech the "any" box.
Make sure the "Network Type" is Ad-Hoc.

Now click "Advanced Setting..."

Change the "Country Roaming" to the country you live in.

To the right of that, make sure the box labeled "PSP Xlink Mode" is checked.

Now, close every window and restart your computer.

Go into the Wireless LAN Configuration Tool Plus and select your PSP the same way as before.

Then Start up the Xlink Kai Engine.

Then Start the Xlink Kai UI.

Go into Arena mode, then PSP, then action, then find the game you want to play.

Now join someone's private room and enjoy playing with them!

User Info: mAkkOneSS

8 years ago#2
That setup guide is good but it's only for the type of wireless adapter you are using also if their conditions are the same as yours (I don't have a router but I still can connect to kai). There are many kinds of adapter compatible for kai. (like mine I'm using LP8187E usb adapter) and it has a different setup than yours. But what you have posted is the general idea of how to link kai to your psp.

Good work!
Asaness ka boy!

User Info: mhunter666

8 years ago#3
hmmm after reading this i think i will be sticking to ad hoc party on my ps3 !!

very informative though !!
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User Info: mAkkOneSS

8 years ago#4
Yes setting up kai is a tedious thing to do. But some network adapters are very easy to setup. If you know what you are doing.
Asaness ka boy!

User Info: SGRM

8 years ago#5
Cool guide. This is not a tag <_<
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User Info: Erranty

8 years ago#6
I just figure, since most people use routers, and buy the Wifi-link adapter off ebay, which isn't supposed to work with Kai anymore, that I should give them a guide that'll make the people (like me) who bought a Wifi-link a guide so there aren't anymore questions.
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User Info: negativenetwork

8 years ago#7
thanks erranty! i will give it a try :)
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User Info: KingDoomSayer

8 years ago#8
This should be stickied!
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User Info: Biscuit__

8 years ago#9
Instead of reading this, you could go on the XLink Kai website like the sticky says and read a better set-up guide.
PSN: Biscuit207

User Info: LOLownageasd

8 years ago#10
do u need a wifi max for this
what is this i dont even
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