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User Info: OmniImmortal

5 years ago#1
Got this game quite some time ago, got pretty far and actually now that I check on those saves I was pretty much at the end but forget why I stopped then. Anyways, did another playthrough and kept myself going until the end. When I beat it though, kinda felt shorter than I expected, took about 30 hours exactly almost. Still a bunch of optional things to do, might run a playthrough focusing on Cyrille instead but eh I dunno.

Kinda sad to see this board so quiet, but I suppose this game never got too much attention, seems a lot of people were disappointed since this didn't stay true to the "shining force roots" or some such nonsense. Sure it's not a SRPG but eh, look at all the FF based games, they aren't all turned based either.

Definitely do enjoy this, just wish it were longer D:. Was like reading a good book and I finished it, but now I'm kinda sad+empty, realllly wishing there was more (other than just an optional dungeon+rest of the training ground I mean). Beat Neo as well so can't tell me I should get that+play it as well :/.

User Info: Camden

5 years ago#2
I'm playing it right now, just got Adam and I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to get to a couple of the rooms in this place right now or if I have to find a second entrance later on.
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