What is that locked door at barnyard?

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  3. What is that locked door at barnyard?

User Info: Incerto

8 years ago#1
How can I unlock it? What is behind that door?

User Info: darkshadow_51

8 years ago#2
A monster(no joke). But a helpful +2 magic monster.
Gamertag: Darkshadow51

User Info: wyvern_fodder_6

8 years ago#3
And how do you unlock it?
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User Info: pubeaficionado

8 years ago#4
look at animal orbs sticky..... i feel nice so... u need the cardinal in a lv to get a gold key that unlocks the door that gives u a new animal orbs that enhances ur magic. It is an ARK

User Info: HylianNight

8 years ago#5
Take the Cardinal Animal Orb with you to the FULL MOON stage and you'll get a KEY blade. Attack the lock with the KEY blade and you'll unlock the door, revealing the BEHOLDER animal orb that gives you +2 Magic.
GamerTag: HylianNight
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  3. What is that locked door at barnyard?

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