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User Info: ThePinkKnight

8 years ago#1
The character lists say that after you beat the game with the Thief you unlock Snakey. WHy the heck is Snakey?
XBL Gamertag: WashburnPark

User Info: Zenxin

8 years ago#2
I think Snakeys are those green knights from the peasant levels.
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User Info: jamejame

8 years ago#3

I have beaten the game with the Thief, and yes Snakey is the name of the character you unlock for whatever unknown reason. Like the previous poster stated Snakey is the green nature-based magic using knight that you fight in the Marsh.

User Info: ThePinkKnight

8 years ago#4
Okay, danke!
XBL Gamertag: WashburnPark

User Info: needhelp156

8 years ago#5
You mean it's no that green snake guy who tries to sell you stuff in the final store? Uh...I was looking forward oh playing him. Oh well.

User Info: WhiteMorpheus

8 years ago#6
Are those green knights supposed to be snake people?

User Info: UglyFatLoser

8 years ago#7
snakey.. I was expecting it to be an animal orb.

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