READ BEFORE POSTING - Some Commonly Asked Questions (Possible Spoilers)

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User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#1
To help newer players and keep the topics flowing without questions that could of easily been answered through the search engine, this topic was made, this will answer many of the commonly asked questions, if I leave anything out that's constantly asked I'll do my best to update it. Now this contains potential spoilers so be warned.

------------Lets begin with a given shall we? (& stuff)---------------------------------------------------------------

Q.Is this game worth buying/1200 MS?
A.Download trial, if you like this kind of game and can afford it it is indeed worth it, with plenty of unlocks, 4 player multiplayer, and over 60 weapons this is one of the few arcade games that should last for a while.

Q.I keep getting disconnected and find it hard to play online, is it me?
A.No, the online servers for CC(Castle Crashers) Is currently having connection issues along with some rare cases of saving issues.

Q.So I can't play online?
A.The online option is "Playable", however seems to be plagued by frequent disconnects and bugs. Private games sometimes work and other times don't.

Q.Will it be fixed soon?
A.The Behemoth, the ones who made CC (Castle Crashers) are currently working on a patch to fix up the games online bugs, for more info on this go to their site. (following link will take you straight to Castle crashers part of their site)

Q.Are there any Local multiplayer problems?
A.None have been reported so call up some friends, get a bag of chips, pile up on the couch and enjoy.

Q.OMFG ("Oh My freaking gosh"), I was playing online and now all my stuff(money/characters/levels/weapons) are gone?!?!?!?! What do I do?!?!?!
A.Although the chance of this happening is very rare there are some claimed to work methods to restore your data, the following topics have some recommended procedures -

Q.So i did 40 arena match's and no achievement, what gives?
A. You need to win 40 Melee match's (or possibly 40 of the same type, unconfirmed though), for me I got it on my 46th win.

Q.How are people in "All you can Quaff" so dang good?
A.Turbo controller....

Q.How can I get the Glork achievement?
A.Ranked All you can Quaff match's with a turbo controller...

Q.Can Animal Orbs and Weapons be traded between players?
A.Animal Orbs must be found on their own where as to trade weapons just find a 3rd weapon to replace what you have so that you drop the specific weapon, the other player can then pick it up and will obtain said weapon.

User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#2
--------------------------Leveling & Stuff------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q.Do I get 2 stat points for every level?
A.No, you get 2 stats until level 20, then the following levels give you 1

Q.What does each individual stat do?
A..Strength - Adds to your physical Damage
Magic - Increases magic damage, your amount of Magic, its recharge rate and gives new spells
Defense - Increases life and defense(take less damage)
Agility - Increases your characters speed and damage done with a bow and determines arrows speed and how far they fly

Q.How is experience and leveling determined?
A.Experience is determined by hitting an enemy and not killing an enemy. You level when that little purple bar is filled.

Q.What is the max level and is that when all my stats are maxed?
The max level is 99 and no, you max your stats at level 78.

Q.When do I learn the final Combo?
A.The final combo is learned at level 50.

Q.How do you get new spells?
A.When adding stats into magic, there are colored in segments, each of these gives you a new ability, the abilities are as followed, 1st- Allows you to use RT+B for a long distance attack and jump and use RT+B for a long distance attack in mid air for most, 2nd-you can now jump and do RT+Y to shoot a projectile at a downward angle, 3rd-Boosts Y magic and nothing new, 4th- Now you can use RT+A for a super jump.

Q.Does RT+X ever do anything?

Q.Sooo... If I learn my last combo at 50, and max out my stats at 78, does level 79-99 give you anything?
A.Every level gives you life and this is true of 79-99, plus when your 99 you get to "brag about it" (yay).

Q.Is their an easier way to level?
A.There is a glitch/exploit with the boomerang that will quickly level, for a visual example -

Q.Why does this "glitch/exploit" with the boomerang work?
A.Because experience is determined by hits landed the constant 1 damage dealt is 1 XP(Experience) per hit.

Q.Will I still be able to do this if they patch it?
A.Yes, just clear out your download cache for CC(Castle crashers) in your memory and do it offline.

Q.Some players say this is cheating, is it true?
A.Honestly it comes down to a personnel viewpoint. If you play the game to have fun and don't care, its your call.

User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#3
-----------------------Main Game & Stuff--------------------------------------------------------------------
Q.What do I do at the dock?
A..To actually use the dock you require the 3 "relics", for the time being ignore it and take the other fork in the road.

Q.Where do I find the Compass/Telescope/Wheel?
A. The Compass can be found on the ground at the Blacksmith to the left of the blacksmith.
The telescope is found in the industrial Castle, its required to move on, cant miss it.
The wheel is found at the end of Lava World, its required to move on, can't miss it.

Q.How do I get into the Industrial Castle?
A. After you beat "Cyclops' Fortress" you will have access to Lava World, the Shop, and arena after. In the shop sandwich's which make you "beefy" are sold, use one to break down the metal cover in Industrial Castle, likewise these sandwich's can be farmed in Lava World for free!.

Q.I beat Lava World now I am at a dead end, what do I do?
A.Lava Worlds was to get the wheel, next you must get the telescope at Industrial castle and the Compass at the Blacksmith if you have not already?

Q.Where do I go when I have the Compass/Telescope/Wheel?
A.You go to the lower right to the dock and talk(Stand in front of) the dockworker there to begin setting sail.

Q.I can't seem to beat these jerks in volleyball at the sand castle, am I doing something wrong?
A.The best strategy to beating the other team is just to hit them after you hit the ball, this prevents them from saving it and builds up your score quick.

Q.So I won the Volleyball game and got the map thingy they gave me, now what?
A.Now a path up should have unlocked for desert chase, simply go up when at that level on the world map.

Q.How do I get past this door with a large Horn on it in "Flooded Temple"?
A.You use the horn on it that you acquire by helping the peasants, just leave the level once you go to it to unlock the level on the right, and come back when you have the horn.

Q.So I just beat the Corn and got the horn, now what?
A.Go back to the flooded Temple and blow the horn on the door.

Q.Do I get anything for beating the game?
A.Most characters unlock another character when you beat the game, but everyone unlocks insane mode and a skull on the corresponding character in the character selection.

Q.If I play levels I have not reached yet with other players do I still get credit for them with my character I used?
A.You get credit for all levels you beat in another game, however to be able to reach them you must clear up to them, when you do they will already be beaten so you can simply continue where you left off.

Q.So I skipped ahead and beat the boss, do I get credit for beating the game?
A.No you must clear every level then do Final Battle to get credit.

Q.So I did every level and it still says I have not beaten the game, what do I do?
A.Just redo Final battle, for some reason it seems to be required to be beaten to give credit.

Q.Can you die at the final part of game in the party by the archer?

User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#4
---------------Some Animal Orb questions, Arc question & stuff--------------------------------------------------
Q.How do I unlock a certain Animal Orb?
A.For specifics on unlocking any animal follow the explanations on this topic

Q.How will I know if the animal will be at the Arc for me?
A.If you get a new animal the Nurse (or whoever that is in charge of the arc) will pop up at the bottom of the screen and tell you.

Q.How will I know what an Animal Orb does?
A.Go to the Arc in the Blacksmith level, pick up an animal and walk up to the nurse, the chalkboard will then tell you what that animal does.

Q.How much XP Bonus does Giraffy give?

Q.How much does the troll heal?
A.1% every 8 seconds.

Q.How much do the stat boosts give?
A..Animals that specialize in a stat give 3 where as those with multiple stats give 1 per.

Q.Why does BiPolar kill me and my allies?
A.Bipolar kills anything near death, and anything that only takes a single hit (Ex. scorpions/paintings) cause hes cool like that.

Q.How do I get behind that locked door in the Arc?
A.You require a special Weapon, to get it do Full Moon with cardinal, then equip the golden sword you get from it and attack the door.

User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#5
-------------------Weapons, their stats & stuff--------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q.How many weapons are there and where do I find a specific weapon?
A.There are currently 63 confirmed weapons in game, all of which can be found by following the explanations on the following topic -

Q.Where do weapons go when I pick them up?
A.All weapons found will be put inside the frog at "Blacksmith".

Q.How do I know if I obtained a new weapon?
A.If you pick up a certain weapon or the weapon drop icon used for most weapons, at the bottom of the screen the blacksmith will tell you you obtained it if its new.

Q.Do weapons have their own amount of damage?
A.No, All melee damage is determine by the strength stat, weapons do however give various stats.

Q.So what do the stats mean?
A.If the weapon has +# [Stat Icon] then it gives that much of that stat, if it is -# [Stat Icon] then it takes away that much of that stat, pick the weapon that fits your play style or the chicken cause its funny (or w/e weapon you prefer).

Q.Why can't I equip this new weapon I just got?
A.Some weapons require a certain level before use.

Q.How come sometimes the weapon I just picked up replace what I currently have while my current weapon is dropped, can I retrieve the weapon I was using?
A.If you meet the qualifications to equip a weapon it is automatically equipped, just press X on your previous weapon to pick it back up, should it disappear before you can re pick it up, it can be found back at the blacksmith in the frog.

Q.Whats that red number at the bottom right of the weapon info?
A.That's the required level to equip it.

Q.Some weapons have a little icon at the bottom of it, what do they mean?
A.These are special effects and only some weapons have them.

Q.So what are these special effects?
A.There are 4 Special effects weapons can have, if it has a skull for the icon then it has a chance to crit (Extra damage = woo), if its red then it has a chance to burn on hit, blue has a chance to freeze and finally the yellow one with a bolt like icon has a chance to do lightning damage.

Q.Are these all the special weapon effects?
A.For the 63 confirmed weapons these are the only 4 to show up.

Q.Can everyone Equip weapons?
A.Everyone except Hominid can freely swap out their weapons.

Q.How come these certain character can equip this weapon above his level when others can't?
A.Some characters come with their own weapons, these characters can freely equip their weapons along with any others they qualify for freely.

Q.So I have Hominid (Alien hominid), Can I change his weapon (or change it back)?
A.Hominid is unable to change weapons, there is a glitch however to give him the pitchfork on level one, simply run up to it if you don't already have it. Now if you want to switch back to the ray gun go to player statistics and reset him by pressing Y and then A to confirm/

User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#6
----------------Ninjer, Arena, Unlocks & Stuff---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q.So I just unlocked the Ninja(Ninjer) but I can't seem to do his cloning technique, Can it be done?
A.Unfortunately his cloning technique seen on "Pirate Ship" is an NPC(non playable character) ability only.

Q.Do the arenas last forever? Do they unlock anything?
A.Arenas last for 10 round with a constantly growing stream of baddies, wave 1 = 1, 2=2, 3=3, etc. When completed all arenas give you the character you were fighting in them with an Exception of the Peasants arena which gives you the peasant.

Q.How exactly do I get hominid?
A.You require Alien Hominid HD on your 360 along with an achievement.

Q.So i beat the game fully and there's still some item I am missing, what is it?
A.You can beat the entire game without getting the Boomerang

Q.So how do I get the Boomerang?
A.Take Cardinal (finds hidden items) into Theives' Forest, He should find it in the bush below the crapping owl.

Q.How do I unlock a Certain Characters?
A.The following topic has most of the character unlocks listed and what they unlock and whats needed to unlock them -

Q.How do I unlock the Chainsaw/King/Necromancer/Open visor Grey knight?
A.IGN are the only ones to show proof of their existence, as for anything else there has yet to be any substantial evidence they actually are in game. Its possible they were taken out in final version or perhaps a bonus for beta testers.

Q.So can the chainsaw/king/Necromancer/Open visor Grey knight not be unlocked?
A. Its still possible they are in the game, and if not there's always the chance of DLC.

Q.Do you get anything for beating the game on Insane?
A.All you get for beating insane is a golden skull in the top right character selection screen of the character you completed it with.

Q.Do you get anything for beating the game with all characters or beating insane with all characters?
A.As of currently there has been no proof of rewards for beating the game with all characters in either mode.

User Info: ProtoZealottt

9 years ago#7
---------------Additional Questions of little relevance (& stuff)-----------------------------------------------------
Q.Whats DLC and will CC(Castle Crashers) have any?
A.DLC stands for Download Content, which is optionable content that can be acquired via Xbox Live. There is no confirmed DLC out yet for CC, however considering the high sales there is a high probability there will be some.

Q.Why do all the sub category's say & stuff?
A.Its a mystery

Q.Why are you doing this?
A.I Started this around 3 in the morning and i was bored...

Q.Your soooo amazing that i want to be your friend and play the game with you, is that possible?
A.Well I know, and if you want to play the game sometime, send me an Invite on "Proto Zealott", I am always up for a game, either starting over or trying to beat insane.

And with that my wrist hurts and im goin, if I missed anything or if a link is not working let me know, all credit should be given where it is do, thank the topic creators for guides on certain unlocks.

User Info: Xeiros

9 years ago#8
Awesome topic man. Sticky Requested.

User Info: Benkei123

9 years ago#9

User Info: Vortel64

9 years ago#10
When leveling up magic, the third magic rank also gives your Y attacks a chance to proc elemental damage.

And yes, I know that some weapons have an elemental damage special effect. This is different.
GT: Vortel
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