What is the best weapon in this game?

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User Info: RoBerTs_uK

8 years ago#1
What is the best weapon in this game? If there is one, if not, then what is your personal favourite?
Thanks in advance.
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User Info: gamerbug94

8 years ago#2
It depends really. Most say the Dragon Sword is. I prefer the Black Sword you get from Necromancer.
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User Info: Darthkirby707

8 years ago#3
There is no best weapon. It depends what you want.

Personally, I like the Morning Star, Club, and Necromancer sword the most- they all look cool and have great stats, because I don't care about agility XP

Also, don't assume the final wizard sword is the best in the game- it's not. It's decent, but not very specialized, and the fire effect isn't that great.
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User Info: ViciousRanger

8 years ago#4
Well if I had to pick a winner, and this isn't the one I use, I would have to go with Necomancer's Sword. If you add up and subtract stats from all weapons, most give you +6 overall, the Necro Sword is the only weapon that gives you +9.

That's not saying it's the most useful, but best as far as stats

User Info: builder111

8 years ago#5

User Info: Killa_V_Fu

8 years ago#6



User Info: DahlVaughnni

8 years ago#7
For melee I would have to say the wooden club (+5 str +5def -5 agi chance to crit) for functionality, but for looks either the fire sword from the last boss or the ice sword from the ice castle.

I think I remember someone saying that the Ninjer's Sai is the best for archers, not sure what the best is for magic users, likely something with +6 magic and some defense.
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User Info: Sir-Marth

8 years ago#8
I'm using the Crystal sword on my Blue Knight right now.
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User Info: Mcgrunty555

8 years ago#9
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User Info: Richles

8 years ago#10

melee - club, lots of pretty good ones depending on preference

agility - black mace (skeleton one) better than sai

magic - black morning star is better than unicorn horn

defence - necromancer sword? cant remember if its defence, but +7 in something kicks booty

overall - on positive number alone, necromancer sword wins hands down, also the final weapon is a nicely rounded weapon, giving +2 in 3 stats and no negatives, aswell as a chance of burning

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