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User Info: FenixStryk

9 years ago#1
If you've played Castle Crashers for any amount of time, you'd know two things:
1) Each character has different strengths and weaknesses due to magic/attack types.
2) These differences rarely hinder gameplay outside of Insane Mode or Arena.

With that said, I have created a more refined Tier List for Castle Crashers. The list is organized by overall strength in both Story Mode and Arena. So, without further ado...

Character Name (pros listed here; cons listed here)
Significant Advantages are in bold.
Significant Disadvantages are in italics.

Extreme Top Tier (OP):
Blue Knight (XXXY/All Magic Freezes, Air RTY=RTY; 4x Air/RTY mana cost, gimp XXXY)
Red Knight (RTY Stunlocks; tied for worst XXXY in game)
Industrialist (Buzzsaw RTY; no cons)
Fencer (Buzzsaw RTY; no cons)

Top Tier (Great):
Alien (3x magic cast rate; limited Weapons)
Fire Demon (1x Magic DoT; no cons)
Skeleton (no pros; no cons)
Snakey (no pros; no cons)
Brute (no pros; no cons)

Middle Tier (Average):
Orange Knight (1x Magic DoT; gimp XXXY)
Saracen (Tornado RTY, Gust RTB; RTY can be blocked/broken)
Bear (Tornado RTY; RTY can be blocked/broken)
Royal Guard (Bombs; Arrows)
Conehead (Bombs; Arrows)

Low Tier (Below Average):
Killer Beekeeper (Bee RTY; Bee RTY)
Ninja (no pros; gimp RTY range)
Barbarian (no pros; "Arrows")
Stoveface (no pros; Arrows)
Thief (no pros; Arrows)
Peasant (no pros; Arrows)
Civilian (no pros; Arrows)

Extreme Low Tier (Inherently Flawed):
Green Knight (3x Magic DoT; gimp XXXY, gimp YY**)
Gray Knight (Bombs; Arrows, tied for worst XXXY in game)
Iceskimo (RTY Freezes; all but RTY/XXXY outclassed by Blue Knight)

**For beginners and intermediate players, Green Knight's much slower YY will not greatly hinder your performance. However, note that his slower YY prevents use of better infinite juggle rotations like YYXX, and makes it outright impossible to stay permanently airborne for spellcasting with an A+X => YYX rotation.

1) Industrialist & Fencer: best RTY for greater mobs/bosses.
2) Blue Knight: Ice Magic allows complete control over lesser mobs.
3) Red Knight: Channeled RTY great against lesser mobs.
4) Alien: 3x cast rate is great for all situations.
5) Fire Demon: well-rounded w/ Fire DoT and strong XXXY.
6) Saracen & Bear: unique magic allows different juggles/chains.
7) Royal Guard & Conehead: best characters w/ Bombs.
8) Snakey, Brute & Skeleton: only characters with no pros and no cons.
GamerTag: FenixStryk

User Info: Doktor_Wilhelm

9 years ago#2
Lol, people are really obsessed with splitting the characters up into tiers?
I personally think a lot of it is personal preference, but if people need list to tell them who they think is the best character to play as, who am I to stop them...

User Info: Vegetall

9 years ago#3
honestly, the game isnt that hard to the point where the chars should be into teirs and yes its ALOT of a personal pref over how good they are... the only one i would POSSIBLY put in there own class is the red knight, only due to the lighting has a stun lock.. other then that.. there all the same

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User Info: MrBlitzer

9 years ago#4
what, no extra supreme mega extreme ultra top tier?


User Info: kimutako

9 years ago#5
I like your refined tier list fenix a lot Fenix, especially now that the Fire Demons, Brute and Snakey get their recognition, and the bear & saracens gets push down a bit considering the practical use of the tornado...

Personally I don't mind tier list exist because its fun for people to analyze, share, and discuss what they think about the characters... I fully enjoy seeing ppl making their list as long as we remember that 1) tier list will also have some subjective element into it, unless its official 2) Don't bash on people just because they don't use or know who are the "top tier" characters.

And btw, knowing your character's strength and weaknesses does help in beating the Insane mode.. assuming all players' skill set are the same, a team of Industralist/Fencer, Blue Knight and Red Knight will be that much easier to beat Insane than a team of grey knight, peasant, and Icekimo....

User Info: Kaeporo

9 years ago#6
I agree. Having used the Saracen for quite a while now, he is a very difficult character to use. Granted, *if* you could get good with him, then you could potentially air juggle your opponents as well as the red knight but when you look at him practically...he is very hard to use. Mid-tier is perfect for him.

Good list. Better than last time.
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User Info: FenixStryk

9 years ago#7
"Alien worth leveling up?"
"Is BRUTE any good??"
"I'm pretty much strictly melee. Who's best for me?"
"Suggested Characters"
"Besides the red knight is there any other really good solo spell caster?"

I'm bumping this in hopes that people read it. Too many repeat topics.
GamerTag: FenixStryk

User Info: dapenguin333

9 years ago#8
what is DoT?
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User Info: FenixStryk

9 years ago#9
Damage over Time.
GamerTag: FenixStryk

User Info: SkankinGarbage

9 years ago#10
I'm still at odds with your lowest tier characters :/ For the sake of there being an alternate opinion, here's why I think the Gray Knight, Icesckimo, and Green Knight are midtier (I would perhaps even say the Green Knight is 2nd tier):

Green Knight: The poor YY combo is really unfortunate; however, it doesn't stop the Green Knight from performing infinites. I'm not sure exactly what the argument is on 'better' infinites; If you have about 7-10 AGL, you can infinite pretty much any normal enemy in the game with (YY, X) xN. Having a 'better' infinite is sort of erroneous, because the enemy doesn't get let out of the loop until they're dead, so it's ALWAYS going to do 100% of the damage needed to kill an enemy.

One of the only ways an infinite can really be better than another is in its simplicity, and it doesn't get much simpler than (YY, X) xN. In Castle Crashers, one has to think about two other factors not normally present in games with infinites:

1. How easy is it to infinite several people at once with a particular combo (and by proxy, how easy is it to catch an extra person in the infinite without dropping other enemies), and

2. How mobile can you be while doing an infinite?

(YY, X) xN, beyond being simple, is a combo that every character in the game can do. It's incredibly easy to rope in multiple enemies, and you can do laps around the screen, because it's incredibly easy to change direction while performing this combo.

Thus, while the Green Knight can't do some of the really flashy stuff, he can still do the most practical, effective infinite in the game. As a result, I don't agree that his gimp YY hurts him as much as it does (if at all). On top of that, consider how good his magic is, and it's very easy to place Green Knight in 2nd tier.

Gray Knight: The biggest flaw of Gray Knight is that his XXXY combo has no inherent ability; it doesn't freeze, burn, poison, or pierce an enemy. This sucks; however, the most effective method of physical attack is infinite combos. XXXY combos, in my opinion, are something used too rarely to really make a difference in someone's tier ranking.

If you accept that as a given, his projectile (bomb) is superior to everyone in the low tier. So, while technically worse than Royal Guard and Conehead, his practical tools make him better than anyone in the Low Tier. Thus, I put Gray Knight in mid.

Iceskimo: It's true that he is, in many ways, outclassed by the Blue Knight. ...So what? Aren't a lot of people outclassed by the Blue Knight? And because of that, are we just going to ignore the fact that his RTY is better than anyone in the low tier, and that he's equal to all other low tier characters in that regard? So, if a character is equal or better than a character(s), how do they get ranked below them?

The bottom line is, even if Iceskimo isn't better than the Blue Knight, he's definitely better than everyone in low tier.


There are a few more things I've noticed, but I won't really get into a big discussion about them right now: I think the Orange Knight and Fire Demon should probably be ranked around the same place, but I haven't got the Fire Demon yet, so maybe he is a lot better. I have played the Skeleton since the last tier discussion, and I think he should be mid tier - his RTY is absolutely terrible.
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