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User Info: PumpkinBelmont

8 years ago#1
Which animal orb is the best?

I'm thinking either Hawkster, Burly or Snoot. Has anyone tried Pelter? Is he any good?

User Info: rcrooks

8 years ago#2
Rammy is also good for mobs when soloing

User Info: levialeta

8 years ago#3
Different animal orbs are better for different situations.

Most of the time, Hawkster is considered the best. Rammy is good too, but they're both pretty useless against most bosses.

Troll is underrated. He's like getting a free piece of fruit every 50 seconds. If you're stuck on a boss battle where Hawkster and Rammy aren't so good, I'd use him.

The best pet against the Necromancer boss is undoubtedly Piggy.

Stat boosting pets (Snoot, Burly Bear, Meowburt, Beholder, etc.) all have their uses, but I'd never call any one of them the "best" at anything. They aren't swinging your stats significantly.

In the multiplayer arena, your only really viable choices are Troll, Rammy, and the stat boosters.

User Info: luckylime

8 years ago#4
The seahorse >,>
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User Info: SuperSonicSlash

8 years ago#5
I like the giraffe :)

User Info: skrat501

8 years ago#6
chicken... agility strength and defence
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User Info: Thefilipino

8 years ago#7
what does hawkster do
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User Info: Megalaxx

8 years ago#8
Best for arena: Bear or Rammy hands down

User Info: theultimategimp

8 years ago#9
Depends on what you're doing. Generally:

Boss battles: Stat boosting animals + attackers (ie Rammy)
Arenas: Attackers
Leveling up: Giraffey
Levels with water: Seahorse
INSANE mode: Hawkster

I always use Hawkster. He pecks at enemies, which is a bit tame, but brings fruit from any (non-boss) enemy you kill, making him essential in insane mode.

User Info: IAmNotThePope

8 years ago#10
Hawkster doesn't grab fruit 100% of the time though. I know he doesn't grab fruit from an enemy killed by Red Knight's RT+Y, but there are times when I kill an enemy with melee and Hawkster just floats there and does nothing.

So while Hawkster is incredibly useful, he's sometimes unreliable as well in my experience.
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