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User Info: animedemon

7 years ago#1
which character is the best out of the starters? ive been using the fire dude, but my cousins been douching the competition with the shock guy. weve just beaten the volcano level, and after obvious difficulty in using my magic in that level, i wanted to start another guy, and was wondering which one is the best. (including the grey knight.)
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User Info: -Bliss

7 years ago#2
I would say Red is the best, followed by Grey, Blue, Green then Orange.

But that's just in my opinion, I don't go for magic much anyway so I probably can't help much.

User Info: AnonymousFriend

7 years ago#3
I started out with fire and when I heard about how good lightning is I switched to him. But I didn't really start to dig him untill I invested a lot in his magic. I don't like how the enemies have to almost be lined up perfectly to get the hit and gow you have to hold it to do any damage. Sometime's I'll start to attack but have to move and didn't do any damage whereas anyone else would have something happening. But that fact that when you do connect, you can kill in milliseconds is awesome. I'll give him a 9 but give the fire a 9.25 just because of how far it travels and that it causes knockback which will hurt other enemies and how you get burning damage after the initial hit. From what I hear Poison works like Fire and Ice is good for stopping enemies from moving and hitting you if you get crowded.

In the end, it's all how you like to play the game.
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User Info: FenixStryk

7 years ago#4
Red, Blue, Orange, Green. In that order.
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User Info: Marius_TheOne

7 years ago#5

It just totaly depends on how you play, but if you're going for magic, I'd recommend the Red Knight.

Thats, so far, my only character at lvl 99.

Next to that I totaly dig Blue and Green, Blue because of his ice stopping ability, Green because of the poison.

Orange is practicly the same as Green, but somehow I prefer Green.

Enjoy the game!


User Info: Kung_Fu_Fighter

7 years ago#6
Melee is all the same, so it's magic that's the deciding factor.

The best are Orange/Green. Their Y magic causes fast knockdown and residual fire/acid damage.
Works great in crowds as you can knock a horde back in 1-2 blasts.

Red is good once his magic is high level.
Enemies have to be perfectly lined up for Y magic to work best.
He can also easily be interrupted, so it's useless in crowds.

Blue is different and he can be good and bad.
The icicles can miss a lot, but they do decent damage and freeze enemies in their place.
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User Info: megaman91985

7 years ago#7
Red is the best from the 4. Mainly because of his Y magic, but I like Blue because of his X,X,X,Y combo. Once he gets a high enough level to learn it and chain it.
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User Info: CAiNiACprime

7 years ago#8
It makes me giggle how everyone thinks red is the best.
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User Info: AnonymousFriend

7 years ago#9

The lightning is pretty good and will drain someone down but you have to have it lined up and hope that no one stops you. Plus I like using Rammy but if he gets to the guy first I end up wasting magic. I just maxed out Poison and Ice's magic and found that I do like Poison slightly better that Fire. Fire will give you an initial hit then a burn. Poison's initial hit is lower but about two or three hits before they fall, then you get one or two residual hits. Just be careful because if enemies too fast the second one won't have burning/poisoned damage. Ice gives you two decent hits and freezes but he recharge rate is horrid. I can only get two blasts out before I'm empty while Fire and Poison gets multiple hits, and Lightning has to be held to be effective.

My list is: Poison, Fire, Lightning, Ice.

I haven't tried any of the other characters yet, so can't comment yet on them.
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User Info: choby010796

7 years ago#10
by default Green, Orange, Red, Blue; DLC: Necromancer, Peasant knight, Wizard and King
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