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Is there a "best" character in this game?

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  3. Is there a "best" character in this game?

User Info: crash149

5 years ago#1
Like, tiers? or are they all pretty equal?

Also, for specific characters, are some better at things than others? Like strength, magic,speed, ect? Cause I bought this a long time ago, had a couple characters at like, rank 30, 18, 20, and something, but I never beat the game and just kinda fell out of it. Last night I decided to restart playing, and restarted my game data (using the blue knight first) and I decided that I was going to make his magic skill super powerful.

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User Info: Shadowalker1191

5 years ago#2
Key: Rank) Character Name (pros listed here; cons listed here)
Significant Advantages are in bold.
Significant Disadvantages are in italics.
RTY, Air RTY and RTB refer to the button combos for the related spells.
The term "Air/RTY" is shorthand for Air RTY & RTY.

God Tier:
1) Blue Knight (XXXY/ALL Magic Freezes, Air RTY=RTY; 4x Air/RTY mana cost, gimp XXXY)
2) Red Knight (RTY Stunlocks; tied for worst XXXY in game)
3) Industrialist (Buzzsaw RTY; no cons)
3) Fencer (Buzzsaw RTY; no cons)
4) Alien (3x magic cast rate; limited Weapons)
5) Fire Demon (1x Magic DoT; no cons)

Top Tier:
6) Brute (no pros; no cons)
6) Snakey (no pros; no cons)
6) Skeleton (no pros; no cons)
7) Orange Knight (1x Magic DoT; gimp XXXY)
7) Green Knight (3x Magic DoT; gimp YY**, gimp XXXY)
8) Royal Guard (Bombs; Arrows)
8) Conehead (Bombs; Arrows)
9) Gray Knight (Bombs; Arrows, tied for worst XXXY in game)

Mid Tier:
10) Saracen (Tornado RTY, Gust RTB; RTY can be blocked/broken)
10) Bear (Tornado RTY; RTY can be blocked/broken)
11) Ninja (no pros; gimp RTY range/speed)
11) Killer Beekeeper (Bee RTY; Bee RTY)

Low Tier:
12) Barbarian (no pros; "Arrows"
12) Thief (no pros; Arrows)
12) Peasant (no pros; Arrows)
12) Civilian (no pros; Arrows)
12) Stoveface (no pros; Arrows)

Hall of Shame (he's really that bad):
99) Iceskimo (RTY Freezes; Air RTY != RTY, 4x Air/RTY mana cost, all except Ground RTY DO NOT FREEZE)
(Did you catch that? Despite Icey's Air RTY being no different than a throwing knife, it still costs 4x as much to cast!)
_____ ____ ___ __ _

1) Industrialist & Fencer: best RTY for greater mobs/bosses.
2) Blue Knight: Ice Magic allows complete control over lesser mobs.
3) Red Knight: Channeled RTY great against lesser mobs.
4) Alien: 3x cast rate is great for all situations.
5) Fire Demon: well-rounded w/ Fire DoT and strong XXXY.
6) Saracen & Bear: unique magic allows different juggles/chains.
7) Royal Guard & Conehead: best characters w/ Bombs.
8) Brute, Snakey & Skeleton: only characters with no pros and no cons.
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User Info: GoldAK47

5 years ago#3
Where would Necromancer, King, Pink Knight and Blacksmith fit in?
Cultist is a clone of Skeleton and Openfaced Grey Knight is a clone of Peasant/Civilian, so they're easy but what about the others? Here's my two cents but feel free to correct me...
7-8) Pink Kight (4x cost (i think) RTY has great range. RTB bounces like bombs but without 'burn' effect.)
7-8) Necromancer (RTY slightly slower than most, RTB i think has an increased verticle range)

(continued, sorry, mobile device)
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User Info: GoldAK47

5 years ago#4
10-11) Blacksmith (RTY just plain sucks, RTB has 'burn' effect)
12?) King (this one's tough. RTY healing is useful but generally is a disadvantage in combat)

I also have some concerns... Is it just me, or does Barbarian's 'Arrows' fall slighly faster than reg Arrows? That would put him at the top of the Arrow users. Also, Bees fizzle out after hitting a single target, while Arrows can hit multiple targets. IMO this puts Beekeeper dead last. Is there a reason he's higher than Arrow users?
GT- Vile J3
Why is un-circumcised alien monster ***** with legs and protective footwear? --Sweet Monkey Luv

User Info: BareknuckleRoo

5 years ago#5
Haven't used arrow users enough, but their ranking is reasonably irrelevant even if the Barbarian's arrows are slightly faster; they're all still pretty bad. Then again, all of the characters can be used effectively in melee, so their differences are much more slight than in a traditional fighting game (though the god tier characters have particularly powerful magic).

The beekeeper is a higher tier character than the classes with arrow magic because his bees will hit multiple times against larger enemies (like bosses). Arrow magic only hits once on a boss if I recall, which is one of the reasons it's bad.

As far as the extra DLC characters go, I agree the Blacksmith wasn't very impressive. I wasn't too fond of how slow/low range the Necromancer's magic seemed to be either. Haven't used Pink Knight enough though.

The King is an unusual character; unlike all the others, his usefulness in a team depends on how many other characters are with him. In a solo run, his healing is sort of handy, but there's plenty of cases where you'd prefer having a damaging magic. It's still better than arrow magic. However, in a 4-player game, he could be considered to be high, if not god tier due to the benefits he brings to the entire team as a healer. I'd say his tier rating is dependent on how many players are in the game.

User Info: FenixStryk

5 years ago#6
Wow, people still post my old list... I never would have thought.

For PvE, I would use Red, Blue and Indy/Fencer.
For PvP, I would use Orange, Blue, Red and... uhh, I guess Saracen/Bear.

Mastery of melee combos and good magic jumps is more than enough to beat Insane Mode and climb the Arena ladder. The characters are different, but the differences are entirely in their magic; the parts that count are entirely identical. In that sense, the tiers have little meaning.

If you absolutely must have the edge, pick one of the four above. Otherwise, it really doesn't make a significant difference.
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