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User Info: DeathFactor00

9 years ago#1

Have at ye, foul demon!

*Hits tennis ball back at Cat*
Numbers of times donned the Serious Business suit: 2
Number of PS2/3s smashed: 32/5

User Info: DarkEffigy

9 years ago#2
Lawl @ #4
Everytime someone accidentally misspells Zeus, I kill a dog.
Number of dogs killed: 56

User Info: DarkHorseRequie

9 years ago#3
This, for instance, makes me laugh. Like that first pun.
:3 Put this in your sig if maybe you're a lion.
Rikku's 4x Elemental Strike weapon is called Deus Ex Machina, does that make her a plot device?-Mace22

User Info: abaddononion2

9 years ago#4
This disappointed me. "I am the man" wasnt one of them. It totally should have been.
I am Abaddon Daemon.
"I would kill you for a snack right now. I mean, seriously. I would end you for a cookie." ~Brian Clevinger

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