The Vampirism FAQ

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9 years ago#1

Here is a Topic about what I think is something asked on a daily basis about vampirism problems, questions, quests, and benefits. I've seen quite many multiple topics on vampirism and I hope that this FAQ can clear up some of those questions/concerns.
I will try to shorten this as much as possible adding on at a later date if needed, but you didn't come here to read a book, you want answers! Here they are in the most concise, yet informative FAQ you can find.

1.What is Vampirism?
2.How can I be a vampire?
3.Why would I want to be a vampire?
4.Do you recommend becoming a vampire?
5.How can vampirism be cured?
6.What are the stages of vampirism?
7.How can I prevent becoming a vampire?
8.Other notes on vampirism

1. What is vampirism you ask?
-In Oblivion, vampires are people infected with an unusual disease, porphyric hemophilia. The player can become a vampire, by choice or accident, and can subsequently get cured. In addition, NPCs will be encountered who are vampires, both allies and enemies.

2. How can I be a vampire?
-Wow! Being a vampire sounds like a fun change of pace! How can I be one?
-The answer is simple. Vampirism comes in the form of a disease called Porphyric Hemophilia. It is like any other disease in which to catch it, you have to attacked by a vampire. There are various dungeons in Cyrodiil that are inhabited by vampires. Some of which are...

-Barren Cave — A small cave west of Cheydinhal containing vampires.
-Beneath the Bloodworks — A small sewer system under the Imperial City containing vampires.
-Bloodcrust Cavern — A small cave southeast of Skingrad containing vampires (quest-related).
-Crowhaven — A medium fort northwest of Anvil containing vampires (quest-related).
-Fanacas — A small Ayleid ruin north of Cheydinhal containing vampires (quest-related).
-Fort Carmala — A small fort between Chorrol and Skingrad containing vampires (quest-related).
-Fort Hastrel — A medium fort north of Kvatch containing vampires.
-Fort Naso — A small fort south of Cheydinhal containing vampires.
-Fort Redman — A medium fort between Bravil and Leyawiin containing vampires.
-Fort Redwater — A medium fort far east of Bravil containing vampires.
-Fort Vlastarus — A small fort east of Skingrad containing vampires (quest-related).
-Gutted Mine — A small mine north of Cheydinhal containing vampires (quest-specific).
-Catacombs under Jakben Imbel's House in the Talos Plaza District
-Lipsand Tarn — A medium Ayleid ruin north of Chorrol containing vampires.
-Memorial Cave — A small cave southeast of the Imperial City containing vampires (quest-related).
-Miscarcand — A medium Ayleid ruin between Skingrad and Kvatch containing undead and goblins
-Ninendava — A small Ayleid ruin north of Chorrol containing vampires (quest-related).
-Nornalhorst — A medium Ayleid ruin east of Skingrad containing vampires.
-The Palace Sewers — A small sewer system under the Imperial City containing vampires (quest-specific).
-Redwater Slough — A small cave far east of Bravil containing vampires (quest-related).


Another way to become a vampire is from Vicente Valtieri. After completing all of his Dark Brotherhood quests, he will offer you his "Dark Gift."

For Porphyric Hemophilia to progress into vampirism, you must sleep wait 3 days and sleep.


User Info: v1valab8m

9 years ago#2
3. Why would I want to be a vampire?
-Being a vampire has many ups and downs (listed later), and can be very helpful at night when sneaking around houses, stealing or even murdering. It provides a great boost in skills at certain stages, and gives you certain powers you couldn't attain elsewhere.

4. Do you recommend becoming a vampire?
-Vampirism is a huge change in gameplay. It will affect everything you do. I have been a vampire for quite some time now since I caught the Bloodgrass Glitch. There is a LARGE chance that you will encounter this glitch, so when thinking about becoming a vampire, know that there is possibly no cure. Being a vampire is all about personal preference, so I recommend saving before you become a vampire, then try it and if you don't like it, reload the previous save.

-What is the Bloodgrass Glitch?
The bloodgrass glitch is a very common glitch that happens during the quest to cure vampirism. There is a witch that you must give ingredients to, namely one being bloodgrass, and when you go to give her your ingredients, there may be no option available to give her the bloodgrass. This means PERMANENT vampirism. Unless the PS3 gets the deepscorn hollow add-on from the PS store, there is no way to cure the vampirism.

5. Wow, I'm sick of being a vampire...How can I cure it?
- There is a vampire cure quest that lets you be rid of vampirism forever. This link has a quest guide on it, and will provide you with information regarding the quest. Although, once you cure vampirism, you can never be a vampire again.

6. What are the stages of vampirism?
-There are four stages of vampirism, all labeled under the current effects tab ingame as 25,50,75, and 100. With each stage you progress, you become more powerful. However, your skin will become wrinkled and pale, you will grow fangs, and at stage 50 and above, people will start to notice your vampirism and resent you.
-Every 24 hours after the first day, your vampirism will progress when you sleep or wait until it hits 100%, or until you feed. Feeding is done by putting the crosshair over a sleeping person and choosing the feed option. You will go back to 25% and will be good for another 24 hours. Feeding when you are already at 25% does not lengthen the time you stay in that stage. For example, Feeding after 23 hours in stage one will not reset the timer.
-A way to avoid stage progression would be to never wait or sleep. That way you can go however long you want without progressing and having to worry about sun damage.


User Info: v1valab8m

9 years ago#3
Regardless of your level of vampirism, you acquire 100% disease resistance and 100% resistance to paralysis. The other advantages and liabilities of vampirism vary depending on how long it has been since the last time you fed on another humanoid.

0-24 hours (first day) 25% Hunter's Sight
24-48 hours (second day) 50% Vampire's Seduction
48-72 hours (third day) 75% Reign of Terror
72+ hours (fourth day onwards) 100% Embrace of Shadows

Skills that gain a bonus:
Hand to Hand
Attributes that gain a bonus:

Unlike most skill boosts, these skill increases are implemented as abilities and therefore they increase the base value of your skills. One implication is that you gain any skill perks, such as the ability to cast more powerful spells. See the section on skill boost abilities for other implications.

The abilities gained are:

-Hunter's Sight (Lesser Power) - Night Eye for 30 secs on Self, Detect Life 100 ft for 30 secs on Self. Costs 5 Magicka; can be used repetitively.
-Vampire's Seduction (Greater Power) - Charm 50 pts for 20 secs on Touch, once per day. This skill can be used to bypass the huge Disposition penalty that comes with being a high level Vampire.
-Reign of Terror (Greater Power) - Silence 20ft for 60 secs, Demoralize up to lvl 6 for 60 secs on Touch, once per day.
-Embrace of Shadows (Greater Power) - Night Eye for 90 secs on Self, Invisibility for 180 secs on Self, once per day.


User Info: v1valab8m

9 years ago#4

-Sun Damage is the greatest liability of being a vampire. Unless you have fed within the last 24 hours, you will continually take damage whenever you are outside during the day (6:00 am to 8:00 pm). Like I said, Avoid progression by not sleeping or fast traveling.

-You are unable to Fast Travel while taking damage from sunlight. Fast travel during the night is simple, though. And contrary to what you might have thought, you can fast-travel during the day from any of the houses that you own, except in Anvil. If you fast-travel just before the break of dawn you will arrive at your final destination, but you may be left taking damage from exposure to the sunlight.
-You cannot wait outside during the day. At night you can use the wait function, but you must be very careful to stop waiting before sunrise if you are outside. For example, at 5 am the game will allow you to wait for 18 hours (i.e., until 11 pm), but your character may be dead when the waiting period is finished.
-Cloud cover reduces the damage you take from sunlight, but does not eliminate it (you still cannot fast travel during daytime, even during a full thunderstorm). Being underwater has a similar effect. However, walking inside a tent (without needing to enter a door; so you are still "outside"), or standing under something that provides shade seems to have no effect at all on sunlight damage.
-There is no sun in Planes of Oblivion, therefore vampires do not suffer from any Sun Damage while in Oblivion. Despite the fact that the Shivering Isles are a plane of Oblivion, your character will still take sun-damage in this area
-Your appearance will change significantly, and will remain so until you are cured. Your character will age by twenty years, acquiring a wrinkled and pale complexion. If your character has an unusual skin color, this may be changed radically. Others will notice and comment on your appearance if you allow yourself to go beyond 25% Vampirism. You may also lose your eyebrows and facial hair.
-While you are a full vampire (haven't fed in 72 hours or more and have waited/slept three separate times), people may refuse to speak to you, citing your obvious Vampirism. This can be countered by raising the NPC's Disposition to at least 100, for example using the Vampiric Seduction greater power (Charm).
Guards will occasionally attack you if you are at 100% vampirism. Credited for the majority of this information.

7. How can I prevent Becoming a Vampire?
-For the first 72 hours after being infected with Porphyric Hemophilia, the condition is subject to the rules which govern any other disease (and can be cured in the same fashion).
-If you become infected and do not wish to become a vampire, you must drink a potion, eat an ingredient (i.e. Mandrake Root), or cast a spell which cures disease. -
Alternatively, you could go to the nearest temple and receive a blessing at the chapel altar if your fame is higher than your infamy.
-If you do not cure the disease within three days, however, you can no longer be cured. At that point, the only way to prevent becoming a vampire is to avoid sleeping for as long as possible. The disease will take effect and you will be stricken with vampirism the next time you sleep.

User Info: v1valab8m

9 years ago#5
8. Other notes/comments on vampirism.

Vampire Nightmares
-As a vampire, when you progress stages, you will get a message that has a strange sometimes rather morbid story to it. These are vampire nightmares. They mean nothing other than telling you what you dreamed when you slept, or to provide a little humor contrast to your grim situation. The following is a sample nightmare.

You dream of someone sleeping peacefully in his bed, when a shadowy, gaunt figure silently enters the room. Approaching the bed, the figure leans down and sinks its fangs into the sleeping person. After a few moments, the pale figure rises, blood dripping down his/her chin. As color flows back into the vampire's face, and his/her features fill out, you recognize the face as your own. You awake screaming.

Recommended Uses for Vampirism
-Use vampirism to sneak around temples and go dungeon diving, with the lesser power, Hunter's Sight. Also, when sneaking in houses and you want to avoid a close call, use the Embrace of Shadows greater power to become invisible.

Human Blood
-Although named Human Blood, It does not count as feeding, so carrying around a vial of Human Blood will not stop progression.

Use it or Lose it
-If you are not using your vampire powers, seek a cure. Why would you want to trouble yourself with sun damage and other disadvantages if you aren't using the perks?

Toughen Up
-Take advantage of the huge skill increases that come with 100% vampirism. If you are headed for a tough fight, wait or sleep for a few days to get your skills increased drastically.


If you have any questions about vampirism or Oblivion in general, contact me via PSN V1VALAB8M.
Also, I would appreciate if this got stickied, I think this FAQ is what many of us have been waiting for.


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9 years ago#6
I'd Appreciate bumps until it gets stickied, please. Thanks guys.

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By the way, in your personal opinion, do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
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