Grand Soul gems locations

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User Info: showmehome2002

9 years ago#1
I need empty Grand Soul gems to cure vampireismn. Already have 2 empty and 1 full. keep finding plenty of other soul gems in dungeons/caves /forts etc, plus guilds, but not the ones i need for the cure.Anyone know the locations of these Grand soul Gems please.

User Info: Weise_Meister

9 years ago#2
Dupe them my friend and you will have plenty of soul gems
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User Info: kevindrosario

9 years ago#3
If you don't want to glitch then I suggest looking in conjurer dungeons. Ceyatatar is one place in particular that you should definitely check out.
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User Info: eleanor

9 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure there are some in the center building of arcane university. you have to open one of the display cases.

User Info: tuch

9 years ago#5
* Anvil, Mages Guild, Felen Relas sells one.
* Bravil, Mages Guild, Ardaline sells one.
* Bruma, Mages Guild, Selena Oriana sells one.
* Cheydinhal, Mages Guild, Eilonwy sells one.
* Chorrol, Mages Guild, Angalmo sells one.
* Leyawiin, Mages Guild, Alves Uvenim, sells one.
* Drakelowe, on the Corbolo's upper reaches, south of Cheydinhal. The gem is located in the basement, in the room at the end of the hall
* Squandered Mine, a mine just to the northeast and up the mountain side from Drakelowe. (behind a secret door on the south side of the bottom level here)
* Crayfish Cave, downriver to the south-southeast of Drakelowe (can be found on the fourth level)
* Nornal, an Ayleid ruin, to the west of Drakelowe.(on the bottom level)
* Chorrol, Mages Guild, two of them are located in display cases on the ground floor here.
* Imperial City, Arcane University, one is located in the lobby of the Arch Mage's tower
* Imperial City, Arcane University, one is located in the mages quarters there.
* Imperial City, Market district, in the mystic Emporium here.
* You can find them in levelled loot at level 11 and above
soulgem sellers can possibly have them from level 12 and above.

Note, if you're a high level, the people seling these may very likely respawn them, in which case it will save you some trouble.
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