Invisible Cow!

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User Info: laundryking

8 years ago#1
I did a search and couldn't find where anyone else has discussed this.

I have 6 cows and 6 sheep. I'm in year 5, married..basically well along in the game. One day I go to feed my cows and sheep and I'm down one cow. I looked at my assets list and Old Bessie was still listed, but I couldn't find her. I looked all over the farm, but she just wasn't there! I never pushed her out of the barn either, so she shouldn't have been outside anyway! I figured she would either drop off my list or show up so I kept on playing. I put down 12 lots of feed that day out of habit, and when I went to feed them the next day all the food was gone. Bessie was still eating! For her to be eating she had to be in the barn. Ok, Bessie is still mine and eating but I can't talk to her, brush her or milk her. Her hearts stayed the same, but her stress level did start to rise, but it went up very very slowly. She ate the entire time, and then the cow festival came up about 2 weeks later, so I entered her just to see what happened. She won the festival and reappeared in the barn!

So! If one of your animals becomes invisible enter them in a contest. :)

Anyone else have this happen?

User Info: Detroit222

8 years ago#2

I've heard of the "horsestuckinthewall" glitch but this is the first I've heard of the disappearing cow.

I do know that sending it off to festival always works.

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