How is this game compared to NS1?

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User Info: TotalDominAsian

5 years ago#1
I used to play a ton of NS1, but I only played on the CO maps. I just realized this game is finally finished, and I was wondering how it compares to the original? Are CO maps common? Game feel the same?
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User Info: Dredj

5 years ago#2
Dunno what CO maps are, but as for game feel yeah it feels like I remember.

User Info: Baki187

5 years ago#3
If i remeber correctly CO maps were the ones where each player got there own personal resources and thats exactly how NS 2 works.

Players have there own resources to buy guns/lifeforms and commanders/khammanders have team resources to spend on upgrades and such.

Its damn good compared to ns 1, some people are complaining of balance issues but IMO the game is pretty balanced, the marines usually control th early game while aliens can really wreck in the late game especially if they win the early game then its onos real fast and marines get rolled.

User Info: Dredj

5 years ago#4
Oh ok, then yeah this game plays like CO all the time, but the Commanders can still drop stuff for you, not sure I ever saw a weapon or Jetpack dropped though, just Exo suits. Your personal resource gain also depends on how many RT your faction controls.

User Info: swiftninjav2

5 years ago#5
Its really good a few changes but plays almost exactly the same. CO mode is back but as a mod right now, I played it a bit and it works just like it used to. You should really give ns a try though.

CO mode stood for Combat, it was a more team deathmatch orientated mode, There were no res nodes, commanders or extra hives. The Aliens objective was to defend the marines had to attack and you got points for kills and assists (damage based) you got. It was a babies first NS mode, good quick fun and a nice way to get into playing the game.
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