Horrid Frames =\

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User Info: majior_payne

4 years ago#1
For some reason I am getting terrible frames in NS2. I looked at the Rec. Requirements and i easily pass. However, i am a noob when it comes to computers. If anyone else is having this issue and fixed it, or can tell me how to fix it , i would really appreciate it. I just got this game, and it looks bad ass when i can actually play.

in case someone needs this:

Im running 4gb ram
3.0ghz triple core processor
radeon sapphire hd 6850
1tb hdd.

Again, id appreciate some help, thank you.

User Info: SubbyWithDots

4 years ago#2
Turn off Ambient Occlusion. That should boost your frames by a lot.

The game isn't that well optimized but they are working on it to make it better. It was a lot worse before the most recent patch.

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