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User Info: chaoscontrol325

4 years ago#1
Right, so I'm very interested in getting this game, but here's the kicker. Whenever I start playing a new multiplayer game I know nothing about, I get performance anxiety. Nasty habit, but what are you gonna do? So! I'm asking you for tips and tricks since knowing some of them helps me integrate into game faster and makes it easier on me.

So, what do you got? Lay it on me!
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User Info: stonelikearock

4 years ago#2
Listen to your commander at all times. If you do that you will be successful in this game.
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User Info: SubbyWithDots

4 years ago#3
Watch some of the videos for NS2HD

It will give a better feel of the game.

Then these videos will let you maneuver the aliens a lot better

User Info: sm0kiE

4 years ago#4
Get your controls right first. No mouse acceleration, and set the windows sensitivity straight in the middle. Also in game sensitivity needs to be pretty high in this game compared to other fps.

Also dodging in this game is just as important as aiming. The basic marine dodge is running sideways and jumping randomly. Do not run backwards as a marine, you run slower.

User Info: GiraffeGiraffe

4 years ago#5
From: stonelikearock | Posted: 12/30/2012 12:37:46 AM | #002
Listen to your commander at all times. If you do that you will be successful in this game.

Unless the commander doesn't know what he's doing.

Then press "X" and click on Eject.

User Info: kenio8187

4 years ago#6
From: stonelikearock | #002
Listen to your commander at all times. If you do that you will be successful in this game.

Not just listen, but provide feedback as well.
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User Info: DarthSchubert

4 years ago#7
I'm fairly new. When I first started I found marines much easier to adjust to. If you can, go marines as they are the more traditional FPS style team. As you learn the game mechanics, map layouts, etc. you can move to aliens. When I first started playing aliens I was consistently useless - around 1:5 K/D ratio, dying without taking any objectives, etc. Now I'm consistently finishing at the top of the list for my team.

As a slight newbie, here are some things I learned -


If you are on a team with a talkative comm, listen to them. Do what they ask. Otherwise just try to stick with some teammates - your life span will triple. Rambo'ing in this game is not likely to work.

When you take a new area, get power nodes up first, THEN resources, etc.

Always moving forward isn't always smart. Sometimes it's wise to sit on a resource or base and hold it for a bit, rather than take new territory only to lose it.

Spend your personal resources! Mines are almost always helpful to your team. Shotguns are great for killing skulks. The more advanced purchases you'll need to learn on your own.

If you have teammates in large exo-skeletons, but can't afford one yourself, buy a welder to support them. Keep healing them - they are extremely valuable to your team.

Don't spray and pray. Not that your accuracy suffers - but your gun runs out of ammo fast. You need to be fast, but you need to aim carefully.

If you see a teammate advancing while crouching or not killing cysts, do the same. They are being stealthy - don't screw it up for them.


Be in alien vision (press F) for 90% of the time. It massively improves your ability to spot enemies. The other 10% of the time use normal vision to get a feel for what your surroundings look like to the marines.

As a skulk, learn to dance. That means moving rapidly and erratically. You cannot take more than a few bullets, so running in a straight line at the enemy is suicide. Watch other skulks - it takes a lot of practice, and even more practice to actually kill an enemy while doing it. I don't know how - it just clicked for me after a few hours as a skulk and I started getting a 1:1 K/D ratio.

As a skulk, be sneaky. Wait on ceilings but keep in mind, most marines will check for you. Bait marines into attacks, circle around and flank, etc.

As for upgrades - you almost never go wrong with celerity/carapage. Moving faster will expand your life span and how useful you are to the team dramatically.

As a skulk or lerk, hit and run. Harrass. If you can make 2 marines retreat, then move to another area before they realize you've left, you are succesful.

If you aren't sure how to contribute to the team, go gorge, find a somewhat contested area, and throw up 10 'blocks' on an entrance and 3 hydras nearby. If you die or change away from gorge, they stay up. Just keep in mind you should at least leave a hole big enough for skulks/lerks to get through. Late game, don't do this often as it will block Onos' in.

I have found (and still do) Lerks and Fades are really hard to get the hang of. But being an Onos is easy-mode. So you might want to save your resources to go Onos and help the team that way. But be careful! You'll become target #1 so you need to retreat to heal often.

This goes as above with my comments on hit-and-run, but as aliens a large part of your job is to distract. Force the enemy commander to pay attention to what you are doing, and you have contributed. Force the marines to send 1-2 people to deal with you, and you're doing a good job.

Lastly, listen to your teammates. So far this game has a great community.

I hope that helps, and other people will disagree/agree with me here.
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User Info: kado2999

4 years ago#8
Here are some of my tips for this game.

Playing As Marines

If you are a Marine Commander
- Tip 1: Decide with your team on equipment or upgrades. About 90% of the time most Marine Commanders spend the first 3 to 5 minutes doing equipment for phase technology, welders, and fast expansion. After those, then they work on upgrades.

- Tip 2: If your team is going into an area they have not explored and it is positive that aliens are hiding in an area, do a scan of the area to reveal hiding aliens. Doing so will help prevent alien ambushes.

- Tip 3: If a fight ensues in a important area that your team is holding or raiding, always drop medical packs and ammo packs to support them. Doing so can increase the chance of a successful hold or raid. Also for raids, forward bases are great to raid a Hive.

- Tip 4: If aliens are gnawing at one of your phase gate or power node, and you have the skill to shield it then do it. Doing so will cut the damage by half and increase the time for your marines to arrive to deal with the problem.

- Tip 5: I cannot stress enough for Marine Commanders to watch your time. Unlike the Alien Commander, Marine Commanders have to time themselves on when to decide to work on upgrades or get jetpacks. Watch the clock and if your clock hits 9 minutes of the game, then you must work on your jetpacks or exos. Regardless of where you are on your upgrades or even equipment, the Onos will start to appear if both sides of the team control even sides of the map then usually 14 Minutes into the game the first skulk would of saved enough resources for the Onos. If aliens control majority of the map, then usually 11 minutes into the game the Onos will appear.

- Tip 6: If an area is to heavily gaurded by aliens due to alot of buildings such as Healing Crags, Shift Crags, and Shade Crags. Then it may be best for you and your team to decide to get more equipment or upgrades, or get some Arcs. Arcs are great way to clear out an area so long as you are within a certain range. However doing so will setback other things such as upgrades as well.

- Tip 7: The most important tip and by far the most annoying one. Alien Harassment. That is right. Unlike Marines, Aliens have a gift to harass your buildings. There are times when aliens are harassing your Resource Towers so much, you spent more resources on Resource Towers than any other equipment or upgrade in the game. Even designating a Marine or two will not suffice because there are times they cannot be there. My tip is to setup a blockade. Your probably asking me "Do you mean the like setting up an robotics factory to block a path?". NO! I mean a base that is used to block Aliens from harassing anything else but that base. This usually consists of 4 things in the end, which is a phase gate, a armory, a observation, and turrets. If its early in the game, then just have the phase gate and armory up first and then designate 1 or 2 Marines to gaurd it. As a Marine Commander, you must figure out where to setup this base. Figure out how are these Aliens are sneaking past your Marines and then work to the area that is best suited for this base. If the Marines that are gaurding it says they are bored, it usually means the Aliens have given up the harassment strategy and just advise them to move out. But trust me, those Marines that are gaurding it will definitely get lots of kills due to usually half the Alien team will attempt the harassment strategy. Will this base blockade waste resources? Yes, but you are spending 30 to 60 resources on this base versus 100 resources on Resource Towers and additional 40 to 100 resources due to slower production, giving a total of 140 to 200 resources you would lose out on. So it is worthwhile for this investment to keep your resource production flowing at a great pace.
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User Info: kado2999

4 years ago#9
Playing as a Marine:
- Tip 1: Early in game, do not go by yourself. Always move together in a group. Just like a SWAT Team would do, always move together. Doing so will increase the chance of survival.

- Tip 2: If you find yourself alone against a group of skulk, stick to a corner. By doing so will give the skulks less room to manuever and you a higher chance to take one skulk out before you die.

- Tip 3: Always participate in a Hive Raid. More Marines equals higher chance of success of the Raid. So if your somewhere off doing something by yourself like cutting down a harvester, then stop and head straight to the Hive. Unless the harvester is about to die, then finish it off then head straight to the Hive.

- Tip 4: Always listen to your sound. If you hear Aliens crawling, then that tells you they are nearby, so watch out for ambushes.

- Tip 5: Do not rely on your Commander to drop you Health Packs or Ammo Packs. The game already informs your Commander automatically when you are low on health and ammo. However, the Commander will deem it if it is worth the Resources to save you so do not rely on the Commander for those packs.

- Tip 6: When you are in a Exo Suit, do not go by yourself unless you have Marines or MAC's to assist you.

- Tip 7: If a Onos appears, divert your attention to the Onos. All Marines automatically should divert their Attention to the Onos regardless of what else is around them. Doing so will increase the chance of winning and one less Onos to worry about, which also means less chance for a group of Onos to appear.

- Tip 8: If you are going up against a fade by yourself, you will most likely lose unless you have a jetpack and a shotgun or a jetpack and flamethrower. Fades can easily die from your Level 3 Rifles but it will require almost the whole clip to kill the Fade.

- Tip 9: Lerks are weak against Marine Shotguns. If you are able to get close about 1 or 2 shots will kill the Lerk. However, if a Lerk is at a distance, a far away Shotgun Blast does about 10 to 30 damage. If that lerk recieves 9 to 25 shots from a far away Shotgun Blast, it will die. Best recommended at this point to use your pistol.

- Tip 10: Early in the game, always hold another possible base point until the phase gate is up. Do not move out unless the Commander tells you to.

- Tip 11: Listen to the Commander, especially when he needs something.

- Tip 12: If a Skulk is attacking a Resource Tower, and 1 or 2 other Marines are heading there, then there is no need for you to go there if we already have 2 Marines going there.

- Tip 13: Always, and I repeat, always watch out for Gorge Bile Bomb harassment.

- Tip 14: If the entire team is raiding a Hive and no one is watching the bases, then it is probably best for you to stay behind and defend the base.

- Tip 15: Always keep an eye out on your map. Doing so let's you see where your team mates are and who needs more help. Or which base is being attacked.
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User Info: kado2999

4 years ago#10
Playing as Alien Commander:
- Tip 1: As a Alien Commander, immediately start cysting and work on grabbing at least 4 resource nodes. Then work on upgrades. You can be greedy and try for 5.

- Tip 2: When selecting on what your first Hive should be, do it accordingly to what the situation is and what is best for your team. Most commanders recommend Shift Hive due to the ability to spawn eggs at different parts of the map, and their ability to recharge stamina almost instantly. This will work well for gorges to hold off a group of Marines with their clog wall and hydras.

- Tip 3: It is best to get your first upgrade before building the 2nd Hive. Early in the game it is best to get celerity if you have shift, carapace if you have crag, or camoflouge if you have shade.

- Tip 4: Unlike the Marine Commander, Alien Commanders do not need to fully upgrade their team abilities to be a lethal force. The Leap, Bile Bomb, Spores, Blink, and Stomp is already sufficient enough for your team to be on a competitive level to that of even level 3 weapons and armors of the Marines. Marines level weapons require 150 resources to upgrade, and weapon equipment such as shotguns etc, are 115 resources and jetpacks and exos with dual are 75 plus a 2nd command chair of 15 equalling a total of 355 resources to be able to compete with Alien team. Alien with 2 Hives is already good enough. You spend 260 resources which save you 95 resources to be spent on forward bases.

- Tip 5: Forward bases always best when raiding a Marine Base. Forward bases are normally setup after you have your 2nd Hive, and it is always recommended to always have a Crag Hive among the 2 Hives due to the Healing Crags. With it, Aliens can go in and out of the Marine Base without going too far to heal. Also to prevent grenades from destroying your base, it is always recommended to have at least 1 whip on standby.

- Tip 6: The Bone Wall ability is great. Use it as many times as you can but keep in mind the Bone Wall only works on infestation. The Bone Wall will help from blocking Marines from raiding your Hive until your team gets there. Also it prevents Marines from killing your Onos if they are chasing it to finish it off. It's also great to seal marines in a area so that they cannot escape and your team can finish of the marines with the most expensive equipment.

- Tip 7: There are times when some Marines like to be sneaky and get past to setup a phase gate to kill your Hive. It is always recommended to have drifters about in locations so that nothing can get by you without being seen. Also having cysts everywhere in a room will also prevent a sneaky phase gate from appearing.

- Tip 8: Always hide the upgrades somewhere in the room. That way Marines cannot plainly shoot at the upgrade from the entrance of the room.

- Tip 9: Mist is great to speed up forward bases and help speed up evolution process for your team so they can quickly enter the battle. Again take note the mist will only work on infestation.

- Tip 10: If you have a Crag Hive, and the 2nd or 3rd Hive does not have a Gorge to build it up faster, it is always recommended to drop 2 Healing Crags by the Hive. That way when Marines enter when your team is away, the Marines will have a much longer time to kill the Hive than it would be at only 1/6 of its health. Plus the Healing Crag also has the ability to rapidly heal almost instantly within a certain radius around it, but it costs 3 resource per Healing Crag.

- Tip 11: Arcs are very annoying to your forward bases. Shade Crag Ink ability will shield you from the Marine Commander Scan. However, you must time it. If the Scan occurs first and then you Ink the area, the Arcs will still fire upon your forward base. It is recommended to ink first before the Scan can occur.
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