Summit is so broken if you spawn at Atrium

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  3. Summit is so broken if you spawn at Atrium

User Info: ghostly12

4 years ago#1
Surely I'm not the only one who's realized this. I think the maps called Summit, but which ever map has the atrium spawn is completely broken. If you spawn Atrium you are beyond screwed, every single game ends with the enemy holding crevice and reactor and you have absolutely no where to go, I've never seen anyone win after spawning Atrium. On other maps you can get trapped at one spawn if the enemy controls the entire map, but on Atrium they only have to hold two freaking places and its GG. They need to add a vent that goes from Atrium to cross roads or somewhere else so you have a hope of escaping.

User Info: RionWildfire

4 years ago#2
If you think of it that way, then most spawns have that problem.

However if the enemy team makes it that far you kind of already lost, being locked in or not.

User Info: DarthSchubert

4 years ago#3
Well I get what you are saying - you can effectively cut off this area by holding 2 RT spots. Which is fewer than some other maps. But if you can't hold the two RT spots near your own base, let alone one of them, you were going to lose anyways.
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  3. Summit is so broken if you spawn at Atrium

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