First thing all PC users should do (cfg tweaks)

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User Info: ogresamanosuke

7 years ago#31
You can set the FoV to whatever you like, I just put 60 as it's the most common to use and be comfortable. It's also roughly the average human field of vision. =P With a big monitor running 1080p then yeah, you might want to tweak it back to default as it may be overwhelming.
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User Info: exclusiveburner

7 years ago#32
3a) Search for r_gi 0 and set it to 1. (Trust me.)
b) Next search for r_vsync off and change it to on.

I did these two tweaks and played in DX 10, at first it was a definite improvement, but after 10 minutes my frame rate was getting really choppy. I'm gonna retry it again withotu the r_gi setting and see how it works. Otherwise I'll just go back to Very High DX9.
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User Info: exclusiveburner

7 years ago#33
No noticeable difference. Going back to DX9 on Very High. Honestly I can't tell the difference between DX9/10 on very high other then the volumetric smoke effects and blur which I find annoying. No big deal, plays smooth on DX9 so thats what I'm gonna stick with.
E6750@3.0ghz-BFG1GB GTS250-2 gig OCZ Reaper-Gigabyte P35-Vista 64

User Info: NiteFever

7 years ago#34
Bump this awesome thread. added in all the tweaks and my average framerate went from 25 to 50. THANKS TC, you rule.

User Info: askpeevies

7 years ago#35
This increased my average FPS on high by 10 from 35 to 45, just enabling triple buffering
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User Info: amioran

7 years ago#36

askpeevies posted...

Did you do the cfg vsync and then enable triple buffering in the CP?

Yes. Enable Vsync in the cfg then go inside the CP under individual program settings for Metro 2033 (you can change the setting also for global settings, however in case you don't use Vsync in other games Triple Buffering can eat a little of VRAM, so if you have a GPU with less than 512 MB of VRAM enabling Triple Buffering without using Vsync can reduce performance) and enable Triple Buffering.

And btw, the program you need to enable Triple Buffering without using Nvidia CP (if for example you don't have a Nvidia card) is D3D overrider. Just download Rivatuner, you will find the program inside the bundled programs. This program (D3D overrider) lets you use Triple Buffering on D3D games with Vsync.

User Info: amioran

7 years ago#37

And btw I discovered a new trick that every user should try. It increases FPS by a very huge amount. It naturally depends on the rig you use but an estimate of 30-50% more FPS.

Just read the thread "For those having very low FPS" by myself (the method is too long to quote here or I will have done).

In reality the name of the thread should be "How to increase FPS by a large margin" but I cannot find a way to edit the thread post here, so, welll... I guess it will remain as it is ;-)

User Info: Riptorn

7 years ago#38
this might be a silly question but how do i go about opening the user cfg? Is there a program that does it

User Info: MegamanMario

7 years ago#39

You look for the file folder. Right-click it. Then open with, and choose notepad. You can search for the file with the "ctrl-f" function.

User Info: Daz_man123

7 years ago#40
you don't this **** on the xbox to play. Just stick the disc in and play. Enjoy.
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