staring at a librarian makes them go away?

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  3. staring at a librarian makes them go away?

User Info: delta873

7 years ago#1
i read on a guide that starying into the eyes of one makes them slow down then turn and go away can anyone confirm that it works?
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User Info: xILLxChronic

7 years ago#2
It works, in theory. By which I mean it works when it wants to. By which I mean rarely.

The best way to deal with Librarians is a fully pumped Helsing and aiming at the back of their head.
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User Info: Bigj089

7 years ago#3
I dont think the librarians heard what the guy said they are supposed to do when you stare them down. Ive beat the game 3 times and it hasnt worked in any of them. I always get charged and mauled. As was said the best way to deal with them in that case is a pumped up shot to the head with a hellsing.

User Info: TheRed9

7 years ago#4

I agree with those statements. I tried and tried to just stare at them. And when it works and they back away, they just come back 30 seconds later just to sneak up on you from behind. Treat them like everything else in the game. "If its hostile, kill it."

User Info: kampaisuchi

7 years ago#5
They don't just 'go away'. If you actually listened to what Miller said before you go off alone in the Library he tells you that the only way to get the Librarians to not attack you is to stare them down. You can't just run away or turn your back to them or they will take the opportunity to maul you.

They were just telling you how to make them less hostile. So even when you're in the same area as one, and its aware of your pressence, starring at it when it approaches you will intimidate it, but it's still going to try to catch you off guard. Basically keeping your back to a wall and moving slowly will keep them from attacking you outright, but even eventually they will just lash at you anyway. Probably because if they get too close, such as arms length, they just don't give two ***** anymore.
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User Info: mattrulezyou80

7 years ago#6
Here's how to stare one down. If you come upon one, you just look in its general direction and it will come up, sniff at you and growl. Then you back up slowly and put some distance between you and it and it will jump up through one of the holes in the ceiling. Unfortunately like just about everyone else here said, they only disappear for about 10 seconds and then come back down somewhere else. I just played this area yesterday and I tried the whole staring them down thing and then I got bored and killed them all. I think they're a bit overestimated; yes they are tough to kill but I didn't die once and I had the Auto-shotgun, Revolver with extended barrel, stock and scope, and the VSV with scope. The black hairy ones you find a little later on are the ones you should be worried about. They attack without warning and they're tough to kill as well.
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User Info: Aragorn428777

7 years ago#7
I actually learned how to adapt to the creatures and before long tamed one under my control. Took him in, named him Hoss and rode on his back through D6. Then Ullman made some wise crack to it, and he lashed out and mauled everyone..making me kill him to complete my own path :(
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User Info: Bigj089

7 years ago#8
I listened to him and did exactly what he said but as soon as they are aware of me they charge, not walk, and attack me.

User Info: Misfit119

7 years ago#9
Actually here's what I did and it got me through that whole place without any problems. When you see a Librarian face him dead on and keep staring at his face, looking up or down a bit if necessary. Take out your knife, putting away your gun and watch him. If he roars take a step back, if he moves forward take a step back and if he slaps at you take a step back. So long as you have the knife in hand and the game isn't feeling finnicky he will walk off. Now you have to know where they came from originally because they will come back from that direction in about 20 - 30 seconds. Once they jump into the ceiling run forward a bit, find a corner and just wait a bit. Do the whole dance again and keep moving. I didn't fight a single one of them on my first run through the library.
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User Info: SmokingGhost

7 years ago#10
Apparently, they're fiercely territorial over bullets sitting in holes in walls. You can stare'em down like some chump in a pub all day... but you touch their bullets, it's Go Time.
[Smoking Ghost]
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  3. staring at a librarian makes them go away?

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