anyone still play this

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User Info: mellowkid1988

8 years ago#1
was looking around and thought i might buy this
Tenth_Enemy--"And I could swear that I'm Zhorbutt from the planet Zorb, but that doesn't make it so. "

User Info: theinsaneo

8 years ago#2
Yes there are a lot of people still playing this. And even if they didn't it is a great game to play alone. it is one of the best things that I have gotten off of the arcade

User Info: Fishbulb

8 years ago#3
Unless it's a stupid time of night, I always find people to play against.

The AI is good too though. I'm currently ranked in the top 150 for single player wins!
"Anyway, you guys are a bunch of asses, and thanks for all the help." - LastHour1
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