SImilar Games?

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User Info: shel5210

10 years ago#1
I got this game as a gift, it's amazing. Are there any other games with the survival genre like this one?

User Info: Parrotboy_1230

10 years ago#2
For the DS, the only one that comes to mind right now is The Sims 2: Castaway. I haven't played it yet, but I heard it's sort of like LiB.
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User Info: shel5210

10 years ago#3
I meant for any system

User Info: Rebellion_

10 years ago#4
From what I've gathered, Sims Castaway isn't really good, but try it yourself I guess...
other than that, There's just the predecessors to LiB, Survival Kids for Game boy I believe it is...
There's also LiB1, which is very similar to this one...
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User Info: glerken

10 years ago#5
ya LiB 1 and 2 are rly the only good 1's LiB3 is coming out between march-july and LiB for the wii is coming out this summer
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User Info: FranckKnight

10 years ago#6
Lost In Blue is also the spiritual successor to Survival Kids 1-2, which were Gameboy Color games if you want to look it up. In Japan Lost in Blue still keep the Survival Kids subtitle as well.

It's mostly the same game and style, but of course it was the begining of the series so there's not the same amount of detail, and the games can even be finished in a couple of hours baring you know what you're doing.

These games are much more complex and detailed, which is logical and welcomed evolution of the series as well. Just thought you might like to know there was some ancestors to this serie.
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User Info: Parrotboy_1230

10 years ago#7
I loved LiB1, in fact, I like it better than LiB2. You should get it if you can find it anywhere. (I had to wait for a few months for my GameStop to get one in!)
Currently playing- Lost in Blue (DS), Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Trials and Tribulations (DS),
Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS)

User Info: Shalon15

10 years ago#8
i played sims castaway and i liked it...lots of stuff to do but ive not finished it lol! i got this one and jumped over. I do that quite a bit specially when boredom sets in. Game hopper yessss i am!

User Info: crimsonspec

10 years ago#9

well... aages ago i had a game on pc called "Survival:the ultimate challenge" on pc. It was awesome for the times, it had 5 scenarios i think and the goal was to get off the island. It had all the same principleas as lost in blue. Only u could control up to 6 characters at a time. Gather resources, hunt, build.... survive lol. It was a great game but its old so graphics is outdated, but compared to LiB its kinda the same, if not better. For some reason i cant put links here... Gotta type lol...

The game is quite good, at least i enjoyed it. Unfortunately this is the only one i know of. Hope it helped...

User Info: avatartoph3535

9 years ago#10
I know of 2 games similar to Lost in Blue 1 & 2 but they are only availble on PS2 but if u have a PS2 try Disaster Report and/or Raw Danger. The premise in the first one is you are stuck on an island that is hit by aftershocks from a violent earthquake that struck the first day. You have to save other characters and find out the secret behind Stiver Island's sinking.Its not as hard to die on it so its pretty good. Its rare though. I saw a copy at my local gamestop for $7 last saturday so its cheap. Raw Danger is the sequel and the premise is similar to Disaster Report. It has six storylines with each intertwining. But you play as six diferent characters all trying to get out of Geo City before the massive flood destroys the city taking you down along with it. In story 5 or 6 you find out a secret about Geo City's mayor and what he is trying to do to all the inhabitants. Try them out. Raw Danger is just as rare and retails for $20 or cheaper used.
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